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In past few years, internet has emerged as a strong as well as busy marketplace. It is the place where people buy only reputed products from renowned companies. People only want to spend their valuable time and money only on those things, which are durable and stylish.

Online is the best market where you can create a better image with the help of SEO and can sell your products easily. SEO is the most effective and common way that every businesses should have. It is essential for every type of businesses to have these consultants, which will help the business to grow and to make its brand image. It generally deals with the online reputation of a particular brand and it can be called as online reputation management or search engine management reputation. It is the process of managing the online presence of an individual or a brand by monitoring business related contents and feedbacks of customers.

It is all about establishing a strong presence of a brand by exploiting the powerful possibilities of content marketing.

Search Engine Manipulation

Search engine is very important in marketing but at times poor search results often occur due to search optimization. This generally cause because of unauthorized incorporation of popular trademarks in the elements of a site to fool search engines in order to increase the number of visitors. It leads to search engine manipulation, as the result, it creates troubles to the search engine users in reaching to their projected destination.

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Causes of poor search results

Here are some causes of poor search results, causing inconvenience to genuine visitors.

Invisible Seeding

Hidden seeding content is the common tactic for search engine optimization, which force it to get the highest possible placement in search engine research. It often involves the unauthorized incorporation of proprietary, popular brand names, contents, and other keywords.

Visible Seeding

The more blatant abuse is the visible seeding, which involves the irrelevant text of optimized traffic from different search engines. Moreover, this includes unauthorized use of proprietary content slogans, popular brand names and much more within visible page.


Sometimes, highly aggressive and sophisticated sites use spoof pages in order to optimize traffic of search engine. However, most of them often lie on the principle of showing content to crawlers of search engines, which is different from what a visitor experience when visiting on the same site.


SEO plays an important role in building the image of an online brand. However, it has to face many barriers like fake and unauthorized name and logo, which cause inconvenience to genuine visitors.

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