Leaders need to be confident, however, business has the potential to change the world if only the leaders would have the ability to question their doubts and plunge more in satiating their curiosities.  A leader who chooses self-restraint cannot go […]

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A leader’s character, and how he turns up, means a lot.  “Is he tired after a sleepless night” or “is he having a bad hair day” are irrelevant. What is important is the kind of attitude that you portray, your


Without the right leaders, the business world would not have come so far. Good leaders know how to adapt with the changing times. They find out new strategies for attracting buyers and keeping customers happy. With time and the progress


Great leaders often draw inspiration from the most unlikely sources. Leadership has been demonstrated not only by humans but also by birds and animals. Since both these entities live in a group, there has to exist a leader who can

Leadership has been a significant aspect ever since man has been known to live in a group. A group of people must be directed by a leader to achieve a final objective. As times have progressed, leadership styles and attitudes

Leadership development program has become important in large and small organizations as grooming leaders from within the company is viewed as much more beneficial to the company than bringing in someone from outside. It is viewed that employees from within

Leadership is not a standard sized package that can suit every leader out there. Leadership styles would vary with individuals, and as a leader, you would need to find out the style that suits you best and helps enthuse and

Who is a leader? In simple words, a leader is a person who leads and acts as an inspiration to the people who follow. There are many more responsibilities that a leader has to take up and fulfill them with

Who is a leader? This question can be answered in many ways as leader essays more than one important role but in the basic terms a leader is a person who leads a group of people and help them in

Leadership development deals with any activity that is aimed at enhancing the leadership qualities of an individual spearheading an organization. In the olden days, the leadership enhancement actions were rigid, formal and very austere as the individuals who conducted them

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