15 Pro-tips You Can Use to Get More Work Done Daily

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Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you have to get many things done in a day, or you’ll fall behind and your workpile increases. You have to focus on being more productive, rather than working endless hours, with nothing to show for it. You may be busy all the time, but you still may not be as productive as required. If you want to see your visions and plans become reality, you have to get more work done daily. Check out these 15 pro-tips which might help you:  

Make a list of jobs everyday

You must know the jobs you want to get done in a day. Make a list of things which you can realistically accomplish in a day. This is not about the huge business plan which is mind-boggling, but the small tasks which will propel your business forward.

Get enough rest

Exhaustion takes a toll on your body and mind, and prevents you from performing at your peak levels. Getting enough sleep is crucial as you feel refreshed and active and you’ll avoid making mistakes, which might happen with sleep deprivation.

Getting fit

Incorporate a daily fitness routine in your schedule. Being fit helps you be more alert, improve your life and business and attain your goals.

Do the tough jobs first

It’s easier to finish the most difficult jobs early on in the day, when your mind is fresh. Not only will you finish the hardest tasks easily, but you’ll also have the day free for the smaller jobs which would increase your productivity.

Keep deadlines in sight

To be more productive, you have to work smart as well as hard. You have to complete those jobs first which have an earlier deadline. This will keep you on track and you’ll be able to manage better.

Prioritize your checklist

By prioritizing your checklist, ideally, you should have a daily and weekly checklist, you can move faster towards deadlines.

Close all social media

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Make it a rule not to check Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter – in short anything which is distracting. Social media can make you lose precious time, as you lose focus of what needs to be done.

Don’t commit too much

Know your limits and keep your joblist realistic. If you overcommit, you will feel dismay at not being able to complete your jobs, and be in a tough spot when you have to answer to someone.

Learn to say no, which is hard but if you can’t give 100% to a job, then it’s better to say no.

Do only one thing at a time

Many studies have proved, including one which used MRI images (by Michigan University), which show that multitasking is not viable. When the brain switches too many tasks, concentration power is decreased and mistakes are many.

Work according to Pareto Principle

You should focus on 20% of the tasks that gives you 80% results. You have to sort which jobs give you the best results with little time and effort spent on them.

Time blocking is essential

It’s very important to set up time blocks for each task and try to finish tasks according to the time allotted to them. You can proceed smoothly from task to task, feeling motivated and relived too in clearing a good chunk of your work.

Organize emails

You can’t ignore you mails, as they will pile up. Keep your inbox clean by checking mails on breaks. Respond to important mails, and file, delete or draft emails immediately.

Change your environment

A change of location can help you be more productive. Sitting at the same place day in and day out can cause burnout.

Exercise midday

Exercising at midday will help to make you active and make you feel refreshed mentally and physically.

Read thoroughly

Don’t skim through documents as this means that you have to read them again, and may skip important things if you skim and don’t read properly.

Distracting thoughts, social media, not prioritizing tasks can hamper you from getting work done. Dedicatedly performing tasks within set timeframes and not overburdening yourself can help you get much more work dome daily.

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