How to brand your business using App Marketing

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Mobile apps are becoming quite popular nowadays with the increase in use of smart phones and if you are planning to launch a mobile app then planning proper marketing for the same and developing it as a brand is important. The competition is steadily increasing in the mobile app marketing and if you have to make your app stand out from others then a clear marketing strategy should be in place for the same.

Steps to branding and marketing an app

Proper Name & Icon

A proper name for the app is very important and helps users to remember the app better. Similarly, a good icon can go a long way in branding your app and help people relate with it. To succeed, it is important for a brand to have its own identity and a proper name and attractive icon go a long way in establishing any app as a brand.

Customer Behavior

You need to study target audience and plan your marketing efforts accordingly. It will be useful to perform customer surveys to know consumer preferences and promote the app using such data.

Utility Value

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The app should provide utility value so that it becomes a positive point to be used in branding. Use the mobile platform wisely so that largest segment of users can be targeted. There should also be USP that your app has to grab customer attention.

Referring the app & updates

It should be easy for others to refer the app to their friends and colleagues. This way it is remain higher in rating and gain better popularity. Additionally, provide frequent updates to your app and keep adding more functionality so that it remains fresh for consumers using it.

Use social media platforms

Use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about the app. Launch various contest on Facebook where people get exciting gifts and prizes for installing your app and using it or referring it to their friends.

App marketplace

To become a brand and to have a successful marketing campaign for your app, it is important to have a good presence in the app marketplace. The more downloads your app will have and the positing comments and ratings it will get, the better its ranking will become in the app marketplace.

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