Reasons to rebuild your organizational culture

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Size is not an issue when it comes to workplace culture. Every business unit, regardless of number of people employed there, can benefit from the corporate culture.

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Meaning of Corporate Culture

In simple terms, corporate culture is a combined interaction of the values and behaviors of the company’s employee and management with the outside world. An organizational culture reflects itself in many ways, which include dress code, work hours, turnover, employee benefit, customer satisfaction and other modes of operation.

Prime reasons to design better organizational culture 

Every business sector follows its unique culture. As per working rules, employees spend more hours at office, thus organization culture obviously affects their personal as well as professional lives. Company’s culture is responsible for determining the future success and failure of the organization. There are five reasons for this.

Employee Motivation

Motivation plays an important role in personal lives. The company needs to recognize or appreciate its employees’ work. When people are acknowledged for whom they are and what they can contribute to their organization, they feel motivated, which further leads to two-way benefits.


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Involvement is another factor that determines the quality of culture present in the organization. Naturally, individual wants to be part of the day-to-day activities held in the office. It is the responsibility of the team leader to encourage everyone to participate as an active member in the assigned group. Employees will feel appreciated and involved, and will go back home feeling satisfied.


Change in the organizational culture will help in improving the relationship between employee and employer. Healthy relationship will result in improved communication, decision making and overall performance of the business unit.


Development in organizational culture leads to making people take up full responsibility of their work and resolving issues or problems that occur during their work. As we know, authority and responsibility go hand in hand.

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As the phrase goes, “High morale is the key to success.” The word morale is closely related to trust, teamwork, pride, purpose, faith and many more that directly and indirectly improves the culture of the organization. High moral will inspire a person to be self-confident that would further inspire him or her to go way beyond what is generally expected.


Organizations with strong and adaptive culture enjoy several business benefits, which include labor cost advantages, customer loyalty, and skilled and satisfied employees.

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