How Telecommunicating World is Affecting Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture is a vital part of a business as it helps to achieve more out of the business. It is a collective way of doing things in an organization. As the telecommunicating world is flourishing, it is affecting the corporate culture in different ways. Nowadays, it seems very interesting and easy to work from home, as you are your own boss. You do not have to work under your boss and you are can work whenever you want. On the other hand, it can also affect the attitudinal and behavioral components of corporate culture. Telecommunication cannot give you the job satisfaction and commitment. It is very difficult to maintain a balance between your work and family.

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What is telecommunicating world?

We can use video conferencing to contact the people from every corner of the world. It enables an individual to work from home without any stress and pressure of boss. It plays an important role in rising of work-from-home policies, as the person restricted to work only from a physical office location. It is beneficial especially for those who work alone and spend most of their time working solo.

What is corporate culture?

It is all about what you do in an organization. It includes various components that are important for the growth and stability of an organization. In other words, we can say that it refers to the behavior of an employ, which is an integral element of corporate culture. This may include vision of an organization, its values, norms, working system, working language, beliefs, and policies.

Managing a business is very hard and owners need to make some important decisions in order to maintain a healthy business. It is important to ensure that everything runs systematically from product management to distribution of finance. In case, if corporate culture is not moving in the right direction then it will cause huge harm to the business. Moreover, if the owner of the organization does not spend enough time to manage corporate culture then it can lead to failure of the company.

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 Effects of telecommunication on corporate culture

Effects of telecommunication on corporate culture

There are various effects of telecommunication on corporate culture some of them are positive and some are negative. It is an opportunity for the people who spend most of their time working solo and corporations to connect with the people from outside the office premises. However, it has also affected the decorum and organizational cultural badly. Some of its effects are as follows:


Efficiency of employees is the main ingredient to make a business success and working from home can affect the efficiency of employees. In offices, people are bound to do work in a systematic way and at home, people can do whatever they want. This seems very nice but it can affect the efficiency of an employ and his casual attitude for work can delay the work.

 Telecommunicating can affect the power of presenteesm of a person

The power of presenteesm

Telecommunicating can affect the power of presenteesm of a person as he is not an active part of the traditional office and this can lead to various problems in building up their carriers. Telecommuters are often worried about their carriers and they can often miss promotion opportunities. This is because they are not physically involved in the day-to-day workings of business and they are not aware about the changing culture in the business.

Balance between family and work

Telecommuters cannot maintain a healthy balance between their personal life and professional life. As their professional and personal lives got mixed up and this leads to lack of job satisfaction or can make a person tensed.


Telecommunication has opened up new ways for growth of a business but it also has affected the corporate culture in different organizations.

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