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There are two ways of marketing and then eventually selling a product. Either you will have to create demand for products that are not presently wanted or you have to supply products which are in demand. When you analyze and study the market, find out what the customer wants and deliver it to them, your organization becomes customer centric.

High competition has made it mandatory that marketers devise customer-oriented strategies. Just formulating some strategies is not enough. You will also have to test them before implementing and measure their performance afterwards. Some cunning ideas for planning customer oriented marketing strategies have been listed in the following.

Try segmenting your customers

One marketing campaign will probably not be capable of satisfying your target audience. You have to divide your customers in smaller segments according to their lifestyle, age, geographic locations, hobbies, spending abilities, characteristics and other traits.

Customer segmenting helps you in formulating different and more effective marketing strategies for your target groups. You have to say or show something that touches the hearts of the target group. You have to address a problem or difficulty that only they are facing. After segmenting the customers, you can also create special e-mails for each group and direct them to landing pages where they can find products or information they prefer.

Track usage of products

It is essential for entrepreneurs to find out how the customers are using their products. The customer’s engagement with the product will determine the nature of your marketing campaign. It will also help you figure out how you can cater in a more efficient manner and how you can improve your products and services. Tracking usage of products and involvement of customers also help in figuring out the best marketing strategies.

Spend more time with your customers online

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Interacting with your customers on social media platforms will offer necessary insights about your product and services. Instead of relying on your digital marketing team completely, you should scan the social media pages of your business or products. This will acquaint you with the main pain points. What are your customers satisfied about? What did they complain about the most? When you get the answers of these questions then you will be able to create a more customer oriented marketing strategy. Interact with the audience in a sincere yet casual manner, adding a human touch to your brand image.

Don’t bug your customers

Absolutely no one likes to get spam mails and texts from service providers or sellers. There is already gigantic amount of cheap content present online. Do not increase that volume. Try to help your customers and provide information that they can actually use. The main mantra of customer centric marketing is to give the audience what they need. Please stick to this rule.

Urge loyalty

You can make your existing clientele become more loyal to your brand by offering them special coupon codes on next purchases. Also ask your loyal customers to bring referrals. Give discounts to both the referrals and loyal customers. This way they will be more eager to bring new customers.

Focus more on research


You should use all the latest apps and analytical tools to gauge customer involvement, bounce rates and conversion rates. Keep a tab on changing trends of your industry and cater to the changing requirements of your customers. Use the right long tail keywords for drawing the right buyers to your pages.

Customer centric marketing is effective because it helps you in finding what the customers want and then deliver it to them. You have to conduct proper market survey and interact with target groups online for understanding their needs.

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