Work from home; a term that would most likely be considered as every employee’s dream come true. However, ask someone who is already working from home and you will get the exact opposite answer. While the prospect of no commute, no dress code and unlimited coffee breaks sounds like a perfect job setting, working from home is not as easy as many think.

Studies have in fact revealed that work from home employees tend to get more stressed than those who work in an office. This stress can possibly stem from the following mistakes many work from home employees tend to make.

Working in Nightwear

Working in Nightwear

While working from home does not require you to adhere to a specific dress code, it isnot wise to give up all semblance of professionalism and work in your nightwear or workout clothes. These clothes will only make you sluggish with time, thus affecting your work.

What you can do: Take a shower and wear comfortable clothing. Make sure your clothes are presentable as well for unforeseen emergencies like sudden Skype meetings.

Having Erratic Work Hours

no time frames

Working from home offers you the flexibility to switch your work schedules according to personal commitments at home. However, remember that too much of shifting can lead you to drop the work altogether in the hopes of finishing it later.

What you can do: In spite of shifting schedules, make it a point to adhere to your work schedule. Stay consistent with the same, making changes only when absolutely necessary. This will help you increase your work efficiency.

Working from Different Locations

Girl working on computer in light room

You work for a couple of minutes at a table and then decide to sit on the sofa and work for some time. That done, you move over to the patio to work under the sun for some time. Following that, you decide to sit on the kitchen counter and work from there. Shifting between locations frequently can scatter your mind and spoil your work significantly.

What you can do: Assign a separate place in your home for work. This is your work area that needs to face minimum intrusions and noise. Make sure you don’t move from this place while working, getting up only rarely to refresh yourself.

Multitasking Overkill

Mother and daughter in kitchen with laptop

Working from home can scatter your mind and force you to multitask. For instance, you will be running the dishwasher as well as the laundry while working. While this is not considered harmful, multitasking too much can reduce your work efficiency.

What you can do: Avoid multitasking to an extent and focus only on your work. If you have some chores to tend to, finish them and then start your work. Do not let any kind of task distract you from your work.

Watching TV or Browsing Internet while Working

 Browsing Internet while Working

A lot of us tend to watch TV or browse the internet while working. Watching that movie and updating your status on Facebook will only have you taking longer to finish the assignment instead of the other way around.

What you can do: When working, switch of the TV and if possible, go offline. Concentrate only on the work at hand, doing away with all kinds of other activities like watching TV or browsing that can otherwise interrupt your schedule.

Being Lethargic about Deadlines

Lethargic about Deadlines

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is that your boss would not be able to track you. Sadly, this can turn out to be the biggest disadvantage of working from home as well. Not having anyone to track you will make your lethargic on your work schedule and deadlines, thus landing you in trouble near the end of the day or week.

What you can do: Even if there is no one tracking you, make it a point to stick to deadlines and schedules. Make sure you finish off the assigned work in time so that you can relax afterwards and catch up on some entertainment.

Working from home is not as easy as one may think it to be. There are many mistakes one needs to avoid when working from home, as well as many tips to follow in order to increase work efficiency.