Dr Prem launches the stunning Client Portal for enhanced collaborative work

No more sending time-consuming lengthy emails. Now client’s can work better with Dr Prem’s Client Portal (accessible only to clients), the online workspace offering real-time collaboration and sharing amidst a secure environment. Be it sharing documents, planning tasks, scheduling events or sending periodic newsletters and invoices, the Client Portal powered by Clinked offers advanced client management, secure file sharing and efficient project communications solutions those help in streamlining the work process and improving business productivity for client and agency alike.

The striking feature of this portal is that everything will be available in one place that will add convenience to clients. They won’t have to spend time scanning and surfing the required documented information. Moreover, they can get additional support in the form of uploaded research documents, fact files and statistics that will serve their business objectives.

For example, an event can be created in the portal and shared with members of a group. All the members can join the ‘online event’ as per schedule. During the ongoing discussion, a quick reference can be made from the uploaded files. If any member is absent in the online discussion, every updated information can be notified instantly.

Dr. Prem’s Client Portal – Initiating improved collaboration:

Collaboration and effective communication is the key to success of any business. In business consultancy, the need for this is perhaps felt even more. Dr. Prem’s Client Portal is a unique solution for improved business collaboration.

Client Portal

The features of Client Portal are simple and user-friendly. Clients will be invited to join specific groups associated with their interests in the portal. Each member can create his own business profile within the portal that will be reflected in the dashboard.  Members can look for relevant files and documents uploaded in the portal displayed in a well-managed list.

Imagine the time saved in searching. Any discussion, document or notes can be easily shared within the members of a specified group. Any information needed in a discussion can be quickly referred from the inventory of uploaded files. This inventory is an enriched knowledge bank, a product of the vast experience of a globally recognized consultant like Dr. Prem.


Dr. Prem’s Client Portal

There are options to take important notes and carry on discussions and check the status of the tasks assigned.  If you wish to create a task that involves linking with a specific file uploaded in the portal, it can be easily done. This also adds to the convenience as you can start right from where you have left.

The portal helps the members to stay in touch and updated. Messages can be exchanged conveniently with the in-built chat window through engaging group chats and expressive notifications.

If you want to share something with your group members, it can be done easily by tagging the member(s) who will receive immediate notification through email. The ‘Notes’ function is a super-convenient feature of this portal where messages (personalized ones as well) or information including images, videos, links, documents can be sent in an email format directly to the members of the group.

The portal helps the members to stay in touch and updated

One need not take extra efforts in sending individualized emails from a different portal or software. Another exciting feature is that whatever new or updated information is added in the portal by any member, it gets notified to other members immediately by clicking the options ‘Share’ or ‘Notify to Others’. There is no chance of missing out anybody in sending any important information.

Apart from the features, the Client Portal ensures high data security in file storage and accessibility which is important in building trust and confidence of esteemed clients. All in all, Dr. Prem Client Portal assures an engaging workspace where intelligent minds can share the best of ideas and knowledge.

Dr Prem launches the stunning Client Portal

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