The relationship you share with your doctor can be one of the most important in your life. Unlike most other relationships, your doctor should be someone with whom you share deeply personal matters, all while learning better and healthier ways to live your life. This is the ideal, but many people never achieve this level of comfort with a personal physician. It’s a shame, because doing so can add years to your life, and make them happier and healthier every step of the way. Some people avoid going to the doctor at all, simply because they’ve never been comfortable with this relationship. With so much to gain and so little to lose through establishing great rapport with your doctor, it’s worth a little extra effort. Here are ways to achieve it.

Find The Right Physician.

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This is a challenge in and of itself. It can be hard to find a great primary care provider, or a specialist, like Kathy Glatter, with whom you can feel comfortable. This level of comfort is essential to the doctor-patient relationship, and to the success of your treatment. First impressions are key, but if you don’t totally “jive” with a physician upon first meeting, don’t give up hope. As with all relationships, it may take two or three meetings to establish adequate levels of trust. However, if a new doctor makes you feel intimidated or unable to communicate, this probably won’t be the physician you need. Don’t be afraid to try someone else if a doctor just isn’t working.

Communicate Directly.

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Some people have trouble talking in the exam room, just as some people don’t enjoy public speaking. In both examples, it’s possible to improve one’s performance by planning ahead. Do so by making a list of everything you want to talk about in the limited time you have for your appointment. Rehearse it if need be.

Be Honest.

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Your doctor is not the police. Your doctor is not here to judge you. Your doctor is in a position to help you find ways to live a healthier life, and to provide treatment when necessary or desired. For these reasons, be brutally honest about your life and any questions you have. Believe me, your doctor has heard it all. This includes illicit drug use and sexual history that may be uncomfortable to talk about at first. If you are honest with your doctor, he or she will be able to help you much better than if you hold back key information. Your information is safe with your doctor.

Be a Regular Patient.

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Don’t see your doctor every week, but don’t go only once a year either. By making several appointments a year, you’ll be able to implement healing strategies that work. You’ll also get to know your doctor for real, benefiting from good relationship.

The relationship between doctor and patient isn’t the easiest to establish, but once it works it’s a priceless thing in the life of a patient. Do the work to make it happen, and your health with reap the benefits.

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