If you’re soon planning to make a move to a new city,whether overseas or just a few hours away, you’re likely filled with jittery nerves and an ongoing mental checklist that keeps your stress levels high. This should be an exciting time, but all of the responsibilities and costs that come along with a new move can make it hard to enjoy. Make the move easier by remembering these essential tips and get settled in your new location and life as quickly as possible.

Finding the Right Apartment

Take the time to find an apartment that will fit your needs. While the rental market can be competitive, don’t say yes to an apartment sight unseen, and be sure to stick to your rental budget. Even if it is the apartment of your dreams, you won’t be happy when you can’t afford to pay your rent in a couple months’ time. Another facet to consider is a month to month lease. This will give you more flexibility, especially if you decide a few months in that you’d prefer to try a different neighborhood in your new city.

Budgeting Needs

If there’s any time in life to follow a budget, it’s during an expensive move. While you want to get involved in your community, it can be way too easy to blow tons of cash on dinners out and other social activities when you’re still getting used to your new place. Strike up a balance and give yourself a certain amount to spend each month on making new friends and socializing in your new place. Don’t get yourself into a ditch of debt, and pay off any outstanding moving bills to make sure you start off on the right foot financially.

Settling In with Décor

You’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable at home, and one way you can do so is making your new space practical for your needswhile also looking chic (you never know when you might be entertaining new friends). One way to reduce your stress after moving into a new place is to ensure your space stays organized and clear. Stick to mixing modern, clean décor pieces and lighting fixtures from a place like Touch of Modern, and incorporate photos and knick knacks from your previous home for the perfect mélange of modern and sentimental. The less chaos the better, so be discerning with your décor selections and really make your place pop.

A New Furry Friend

Making a new friend might mean just heading over to your local animal shelter. Having an animal is a great way to get yourself outside and more involved in your community. Taking Fido to a dog park may help you meet likeminded dog owners, will help get you out of the house, and the companionship provided by a dog or cat is proven to have both mental and physical health benefits.


Keep in Touch

Just because geography has put some miles between you and your old city, you don’t have to lose the relationships you fostered while living there. Just a weekly text to check in or a Skype session can be wonderful ways to remain in touch with old friends, and will keep you sane if social connections don’t come as quickly in your new city as you thought they would. If you find you’re having a hard time adjusting, plan a trip back in a few months’ time. This will give you something to look forward to while encouraging you to make the most of your new place in the meantime.

Improve Yourself


You’ll likely have some alone time when you make the move, and that’s okay. Take advantage of it by taking some steps for self-improvement. Whether it’s cultivating a meditation habit, starting a new exercise regimen, or taking part in a new hobby, you’ll find being alone can actually be extremely productive. Getting involved in social hobbies is a way to kill two birds with one stone. Whether it’s an intramural sports team, a weekly painting class, or hanging out with likeminded folks from a meeting website like Meetup.com, you’ll feel more involved in your community in no time.

Moving is an exciting time, especially if you’re heading out to a new city. There are numerous opportunities to take advantage of, and by following these guidelines, your new destination will feel like home in no time.


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