Making resolutions December 31st that are broken by the end of January is a common occurrence, probably more common than anyone actually sticking to their guns and keeping with said resolutions. One Forbes study found that of the 40 percent of people who make resolutions in the United States each year, only 8 percent follow through. Now that we’re good and well into the first month of the New Year, let’s make it a little different by sticking to resolutions that will change your life.

Give Back More

Be a part of something bigger this year and give back to your community. Making a commitment to an organization or charitable foundation will also give you more accountability and help you remain motivated to complete your goals. There are so many benefits to becoming more involved in your community and donating your time and energy to a cause bigger than yourself. From expanded social networks to improved mental health, you’ll be doing your life a major service should you commit to giving back more.

Make Dreams a Reality

Pick one dream, and dedicate yourself to making it a reality this year. Dreams don’t need to mean large things. It could be something as small as running a half marathon, or a trip to a tropical destination, but planning right away means you’ll be committed to making it a reality. Tackling dreams one by one will also prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. Keep a journal, and each week make a point to write down the things you’ve done to make your dream come true. It will keep you more accountable and hopefully inspire you to stay committed to making them a reality.


Stop Smoking Today

If you’re still smoking, it’s time to quit. Cigarettes cause one of every five deaths in the U.S. every year, equaling out to 480,000 deaths annually. You’ve probably heard these statistics, but if they haven’t been reason enough to switch yet, you could always do with a reminder. Whether you need to use patches, join a support group, or go cold turkey, try any and every way you can think of. This resolution will change more lives than just your own. Smoking around anyone you love is subjecting them to higher rates of cancer and heart disease. Switch to an alternative if you can’t quit. A recent study claimed that e-cigs and vape alternatives are actually 95 percent safer than cigarettes, so consider experimenting with an e-cigarette from a company like NJOY and stop inhaling harmful tobacco byproducts.

Disconnect More

We’re in an age of connectivity, and unfortunately that often means dinner dates where we ignore our companions for the blue light of our smartphones. Make a promise to stop this behavior and live more in the moment. There are some easy things you can do that will make this seemingly impossible task feel a bit easier. Remove notifications from your phone—the lack of pings or a lit up screen will prevent you from looking at your phone too much. Log out of your social media accounts each time. If you have to enter your password every time, it may dissuade you from checking it every hour on the hour. Block social media sites from your computer using an app like SelfControl for those days you need to get some work done and need a way to rid yourself of distractions.

Practice Kindness at Work

This might not seem like a big deal, but putting in some extra effort in your relationships at work is a resolution everyone should make. There’s always room for improvement, and being more kind and generous at work can do great things for your professional life. The more generous you are to your employees, the more respect you’ll gain. The kinder you are, the easier it will be to convince people to work with you. It’s a win for everyone involved.

Make it Flossy

For such a simple thing, flossing provides so many benefits for your entire body. Flossing is an easy thing to forget to do, but the difference it makes is huge. It can prevent gingivitis, gum disease, and keep your teeth looking shiny and bright. Talk about a resolution you can keep—this one genuinely only costs you about 30 seconds every day.


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