Understanding the advantages of raindrop therapy

Raindrop treatment is one of the most popular spa or wellness treatment that anyone can utilize for good health and relief from pain. It involves essential oils as ingredient. Essential oils are oils extracted from the flowers, bark, fruits, and other parts of plants. These oils are extremely helpful in revitalizing our skin and body.


Each of them work wonder in different ways and have some extraordinary healing quality. Raindrop therapy utilizes the goodness of these natural oils and helps in relaxing body muscles. It is powerful technique of healing which can be considered an alternative therapy for wellbeing. In the 1980s it was discovered by D. Gary Young and have been used by many ever since.

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To understand the benefits of raindrop therapy you must understand what aromatherapy is. Aromatherapy is a special type of alternative treatment that uses essential oils for restoring the natural abilities of our body. Due to harsh chemicals and pollution, our body starts decaying from the moment of birth. Daily hard work and stress does not help the condition. Aromatherapy aims at reducing the negative effects of harmful chemicals and regular exposure to pollution. Raindrop therapy is a type of aromatherapy because it uses essential oils.

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Raindrop therapy only uses essential oils of therapeutic grade. The areas where the essential oils are mainly used are the neck, feet, and spine. One session of raindrop therapy only takes an hour but you will feel its benefits for more than a week. Apart from aromatherapy and essential oils, the raindrop therapy technique also utilizes the Vita Flex technique which a healing technique developed by ancient Tibetans.

Feather stroking technique is  with raindrop treatment for increasing the impact on muscles and nerves.


One of the biggest benefits of raindrop technique is the way it works on chronic pain and body aches. The essential oils have natural analgesic property and helps in healing the body muscles. By relaxing the muscles, the raindrop technique induces sleep and calms down the tensed nerves. It is good for people who have to work under lots of stress for hours. Raindrop technique also helps in the removal of toxic elements from our body and improves blood circulation system. It boosts your immunity system and soothes inflamed body parts.


Raindrop treatment is one of the most important therapies that you can receive from a spa therapist. It offers numerous benefits like relaxing the nerves and muscles and rejuvenating our senses.

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