Lululemon Athletica: Concept yoga equipment helps yogis take their yoga sessions outdoors

Conceived by an American-based industrial designer Alex Crawford, the Lululemon Athletica is a flexibility-enhancing, cushion-inspired accessory for avid yoga practitioners who often find it difficult to take their yoga sessions outdoors. The innovative yoga equipment aims to replace the traditional yoga mat by allowing your fingertips and soles with superficial flexibility, venting and cushioning.

Aside from aiming to provide superb grip and cushioning to your hands and feet, the innovative yoga equipment promises to be a hygienic, outdoor yoga accessory. The cross-section flaunts the Lululemon logo, while the molding process of the sole utilizes lightweight foam for ensuring maximum comfort to the users. When pressure is applied to the underfoot or hand worn Lululemon Athletica yoga equipment, the shape collapses to offer a springy surface feel.

Moreover, the concept aspires to be fluidic, calm, radiating, free form and consistent to ascertain fullest comfort to yogis who wish to go beyond their confined spaces and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of yoga.

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