Christmas gift ideas for modern yogis


With less than 20 days to go, you might have added your all loved ones on your list whom you wish to present the perfect gifts this Christmas. Still, if you unintentionally forgot to include your Yoga minded friends on that list, the yoga items enlisted below will definitely save you those last minute dashes. While you take your time to settle on a particular gift, allow us to introduce you to some amazing yoga accessories, apparels and related items that are sure to excel you last year’s gifts.

Real Alignment Exercise Mat

Price: $35.00

Proper alignment is definitely the most important factor while performing yoga, pilates or stretching. Just to help your yogi friends maintain that perfect alignment, the Real Alignment Mat, created by Real Pilates owner Alycea Ungaro flaunts specific holders that allow maximum ease to head, shoulder, hips, feet, shoulder and the spinal cord. The antimicrobial, latex free, extra thick yoga mat further strengthens your workout each time.

Yoga Poses Figurines

Price: $12.00

Handcrafted in Nova Scotia, the unique set of three pewter Yoga Poses Figurines makes for a perfect for any yogi. Created by folks at Basic Spirit Gifts, the figurines demonstrate Sarvangasana aka Shoulder Stand, Karnapidasana or Ear-pressing pose and Padmasana or the Lotus pose.

Om Hindu and Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Charm Pendant

Price: $29.97

The 1.25″ high (without bail) and1&1/8 wide sterling silver pendant will undeniably soothe the fancies of any yoga lover. Blending a Celtic knot with a Om-shaped metal inscription, the charm pendant weighs about 5 grams only.

Master Chart of 908 Postures

Price: $15.00

Conceived by Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra about 30 years ago, the Master Chart of 908 Postures yoga chart has been a perpetual source of instruction for yoga practitioners for years now. Available on Amazon, the beautiful, comprehensive yoga chart fits on most walls easily.

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