Ear candling

Ear candling is an alternative therapy used to clean the excess accumulated wax in the ears. This therapy makes use of unique candles specially designed for the therapeutic purpose.

Human ears are designed to produce a natural secretion in the form of earwax, which helps to protect against infections and other toxic build up. However, faulty habits, stress or use of harmful substance, can cause the earwax to accumulate in an abnormal manner.

This can cause problems like difficulty in hearing, ear pain or even cause infections. Hence the earwax needs to be cleared in time.


The abnormally accumulated earwax in the ears is considered to be a precursor for many ear infections and reduced hearing. Ear candling is a holistic method of removing the excess wax with the help of specially designed candles made from natural fibers.

These candles are made from linen cloth coated with paraffin or beeswax and are shaped into a conical cylinder and measure around nine to twelve inches in length. A spiral roll is built into the candle to enable the smoke to be pulled into ears. On heating the candle, warmth causes the wax and debris to loosen and vacuum is created, which acts as a suction.



The patient is evaluated for the symptoms like earache, infections, etc. Ear candling procedure is done by a trained therapist and under the necessary medical arrangements. While the patient lays straight turning to one side, the therapeutic candle is lit and the tapering end of the candle is gently inserted into the ear.

According to the principle of ear candling, the excess ear wax and debris gets removed into the candle, which can be inspected later on. The number of sessions is decided as per the condition of the patient.



Ear candling is popularly used in treating ailments like ear infections, earaches, reduced hearing due to accumulated debris, ringing in ears, migraines, headaches, pressure in ears and problems of the balance system.

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