Common faults you should avoid when practicing Yoga

Yoga is undoubtedly a practice, rather a way of life that has offered tremendous benefits to humanity. However, always remember that there is another side to every coin. Yoga, in many cases can prove harmful if you try to push the practice beyond what your body can accommodate comfortably.

Overweening ambitions to achieve fitness level and under taught moves oftentimes do the damage. There might be other reasons too that can make yoga prove otherwise than harbinger of peace to mind, body and soul. Consider reading the following pointers to know the conditions wherein practicing yoga will do more harm than good.

Having loose joints

loose joints

Loose joints simply mean people having more space between their joints. It is good to be flexible but having too loose joints can cause an injury. When people with loose joints intend doing yoga and make different postures, a lot of pressure is applied on the body which mayresult in the rupture of muscles and ligaments.

Yoga not a group activity

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Practicing yoga in groups seems fun and exciting but it is not a group activity. Doing yoga in bulk will not be a perfect practice. Yoga is meant to be a teacher and student relation, where entire focus of the teacher is to make students practice a successful move.

Yoga is not a competition

game of competition

Yoga can make the body do some amazing stunts and show immense strength. But yoga is not at all competitive. You should know your body’s capability, strength,limitations,stamina and flexibility. Copying others and tempting to go beyond your limits may prove catastrophic.

Practicing incorrect techniques

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When you don’t follow proper yoga techniques, mental problems like panic attacks, confusions and anxiety aren’t all that unlikely. Consulting your doctor,especially if you have any kind of health problems will be a wise decision. Avoiding incorrect techniques and moving from one level to anotherswiftly will help you avoid good yoga becoming bad.



You may be exerting immense pressure and strain on your body while practicing yoga. Exhaustion from power yoga classes may cause release of electrolytes and sodium from the body.You may experience weakness, fatigue and nausea which is a sign of over working your body.

Weak core muscles

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Yoga may turn out to be bad for people with weak core muscles. The wheel pose yoga is a difficult posture and trying it without an appropriate muscle tone will have bad impact on your lower back and sacroiliac joint. If you can’t get into the pose without turning your feet out, the wheel pose may not turn good for you until you develop good core tone.

Breathing abdominally

Happy young woman sitting in lotus position

There are four different ways of breathing: abdominal, thoracic, paradoxical and cervical. In abdominal breathing, the diaphragm is descended pushing the belly out. You should know the correct time to breathe and respond with your belly in every kind of breathing exercise. The quality and the time of breathing is a serious issue to be kept in mind.

No focus on learning yoga techniques

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The moment you start practicing yoga, do make it a point to focus on each detail, practice moves in the right way and memorize the steps. Avoiding this can make your yoga regimes unfruitful.

Yoga has become life’s necessity. It is better to do little yoga than not at all. You must initially take time to learn correct form of yoga and then implement in your day to day life. Examine what teachers have taught you and spend your time in pursuing yoga in its correct form and shape.

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