Achieving overall physical wellness through Inversion Therapy

Many people suffer from back pain and inversion therapy is an effective solution for this problem. Almost fifty percent of people using inversion therapy mainly use it for back pain problems only. However, there are several other problems in which inversion is useful and in this form of therapy, the force of gravitation is used to cure ailments.


Process of Inversion

It is a confirmed fact that inversion therapy is one of the most useful forms of treatment for problems of spine and joints. In this method, the gravitational pull is used and patient’s weight works as a form of traction. Due to this traction, the spine elongates and space inside vertebrae increases thus helping to reduce pressure from ligaments, nerve roots and spinal discs. As soon as pressure is reduced, the patient notices a considerable reduction in pain.

Utilization of Inversion Therapy

Inversion finds its use in various physical problems such as:



If you are having back or neck pain then it is likely that your body is stressed. Inversion is the ideal method, which can help rejuvenate as well as relax our muscles. In a research, it was found that EMG, which is used for measuring muscle tension, reduces by more than thirty-five percent just within 10 seconds of inversion.

Strengthen Ligaments:

These are fibrous strips, which hold our bones. Ligaments are generally not very elastic and can easily tear if you stretch them a lot. Inversion as well as the corresponding movements helps to make ligaments strong and save athletes from any major injuries.

Overworked Muscles:

Many times, it is seen that muscle spasm or stiffness occurs in athletes after they complete their workouts. The reason for this is the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. Basic method is contraction as well as relaxation of particular muscle groups to move lymphatic fluid upwards through one-way valves towards upper chest to reduce this problem of stiffness and soreness in muscles. Inversion is the ideal way of working with gravity to move the lactic fluid through the one-way valves into the upper chest and get fast relief.


Inversion therapy is a unique method of using gravitation force to our advantage and cures the body of many physical problems. It is beneficial in pain relief as well as reducing stress from back and other body parts, which are constantly under pressure from day to day activities. Now this cost effective form of alternative treatment is getting worldwide recognition.

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