What is Taoist Yoga and why you should try it

People like to use yoga to attain good health as it brings a lot of health benefits to them and it is also very easy to follow. Taoist Yoga is a form of yoga that combines different styles of yoga while asking you to synchronize your breathing and stretching.

Perfect for people of all ages

One of the major benefits of Taoist Yoga is that it can be practiced by people of all ages, all skill levels and even those that are suffering from ill health. The practice is relatively slow paced which doesn’t pose any risk even for people that are told not to exert themselves by doctors.

Combination of yoga and Tai Chi

Taoist yoga is actually a blend of movements and principles of Tai Chi and Yoga. While a simple Tai Chi routine is focuses mainly on very gentle movement and a simple yoga routine focuses simply on asanas, Taoist Yoga combines the best of both worlds and creates asanas that are rhythmic and provide a gentler workout.

It gets your chi flowing

One of the core principles of Tai Chi is to activate the energy core of the person and to get one’s chi, i.e. spiritual energy flowing through their body unhindered. Yoga focuses on awakening a person’s spiritual energy by working their body out. When combined, the movements of the two forms of energy-centric philosophies end up creating a form of workout that centers on spiritual wellbeing and relaxation.

Physical benefits

Taoist yoga can slow down the aging process considerably and is even claimed to be the elixir of life and longevity by some. Chronic illnesses as well as pains and aches can be cured by this meditation in the long run. The immune system, the endocrine and the central nervous system, respiratory, digestive and even cardiovascular systems of Taoist yoga practitioners receive a gentle workout. Being low impact, it is the ideal form of workout and meditation recommended for the elderly that have never worked out in their life to those recovering from illnesses.

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