Wellness destinations in India to visit in monsoon

Wellness destinations in India

Monsoon brings in a fresh shot of renewed stimulation and enhances your vigor after the long and dry spell of hot summer had drained out every iota of energy from you. The rains quench the thirst of the parched earth and the greenery around is fed with the vital dose of life that was highly demanding.

Wellness destinations in India to visit in monsoon

  1. Kerala

  2. Lonavla, Maharashtra

  3. Goa

  4. Gokarna, Karnataka

  5. Puducherry

  6. Coorg, Karnataka

  7. Udayagiri Mountains, Kerala

With the arrival of the cloud burst, nature renews her looks offering visitors with the much awaited rejuvenation and a picturesque charm that sets a perfect rhythmic harmony with the patter of raindrops.

As per the ancient texts, monsoon is the best period to extract the best of Ayurveda treatments, which constitutes the bulk of Indian wellness treatments. After obtaining India e-Visa, thousands of wellness seekers hit Indian shores to enjoy their stay at wellness destinations sprawled across the nation. Here we go with some of the most exquisite wellness monsoon destinations that would delight you from every angle, especially in achieving a wonderful wellness state:

  1. Kerala:


Known as the Mecca of Ayurveda, Kerala with its 1000 years tradition of Ayurvedic treatment offers the perfect ambience for the wellness seekers. The southernmost state of India welcoming the first shower of the season offers ample opportunities of wellness treatments dominated by herbal therapies.

This is the best season to go for Panchakarma or the rejuvenation therapy to restore the natural wellness of your mind, body and soul. The state is dotted with well recognized wellness retreats packed with unique wellness related treatments and activities, especially those located in the famous backwaters. Just pick any one of your choice and reward yourself with an awesome monsoon gift.

  1. Lonavla, Maharashtra:

This is a fabulous hill station in Maharashtra with pristine greenery and is the essence of tourist attraction. The monsoon confers a whole new dimension of wild charm and makes it a perfect place for you to unwind and explore some of the best wellness retreats existing here.

Ashrams and boutique monsoon retreats surrounded by dense greenery await with awesome wellness packages where you can try out meditation, pranayama and yoga sessions. A long walk amid nature along the periphery of the ashrams or retreats is a wonderful experience where you get to imbibe the right dose of wellness.

  1. Goa:


Monsoon wellness tourism in Goa is a completely gratifying experience. This legendary Indian beach destination is not only blessed with the exotic sand, surf and sun. There is a lot more, and the monsoon unravels its bounty which the tourists find irresistible.

The abundance of greenery that blooms at its dramatic best during the heavy spells of monsoon creates a perfect wellness ambience luring the visitors to absorb it fully. The beach resorts dotting the exotic Goan destinations like the Baga, Palolem and Vagator speaks volumes about the excellent wellness opportunities where you can enjoy yoga and meditation sessions amid perfect tranquility. The surrounding lush woods fill your lungs with pure oxygen gifting you a new life after an exhausting summer spell.

  1. Gokarna, Karnataka:


It is a destination dominated by absolute serenity. During monsoon, the captivating landscape blooms at its best alluring tourists from near and far. The dense vegetation of the Western Ghats has added to its charm.

The monsoon rains give a perfect backdrop for tourists to relish the magic to their heart’s content. The calm and picturesquely beautiful Arabian Sea is close by. There exist a number of resorts offering a range of Yoga, meditation and Pranayama classes. During the wet spell spanning over July to August, Gokarna is a tourists’ paradise.

  1. Puducherry:


The all consummate region between the backwaters and the sea at Puducherry is one of the flawless beauties that nature has ever gifted to mankind. The monsoon rains heighten the appeal of this exquisite tourist destination. The atmosphere describes the height of complete serenity.

You can have a compact wellness session including yoga, local massages and facials in a number of wellness spas and resorts. A boat ride across the backwaters will not be a bad idea. You have the amazing vista of the Indian Ocean to add to your wellness sojourn.

  1. Coorg, Karnataka:


This is an ideal monsoon tourist destination located in southern part of Karnataka. Generally, a carpet of rich greenery with gigantic trees shooting up into the sky through great heights, Coorg blooms at its pinnacle of magic with the advent of monsoon.

Providing the favorable conditions for sprouting of wellness resorts and spas, you get a wide range of relaxing services to completely unwind and detoxify your weary self. Massages, body wraps, facials and scrubs and a number of spa therapies feature over here.

  1. Udayagiri Mountains, Kerala:


The surrounding scenery of wild vegetation is absolutely doozy at the Udayagiri hilly terrain set in Waynnad in Kerala. This serene abode home to the rarest of rare birds, butterflies fluttering in an explosion of myriad colors, wild orchids, herbs, fronds and foliage automatically leads the tourists to the realm of absolute wellness.

Monsoon rains multiplies the enchanting beauty of nature of this destination many a times. Udayagiri Mountains are a treat of nature gifted to the mankind. You have access to local wellness retreats for a class in meditation and yoga. If you are the adventurous type, your quest for dare can be met going for bird watching and mountain trekking infusing an additional dose of wellness.

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