Treating ear infections in children with Naturopathic Medicine

Ear Infection

Ear infection is a common problem that kids all across the world face at some point in their early life. Despite being a regular occurrence, parents must treat the ear problem immediately to stop it from aggravating. Apart from other treatments, naturopathic medicine has been an effective solution to cure common ear infection in kids.

Why do kids get ear infection?

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Ear infection usually occurs due to the accumulation of fluid, which results in bacterial growth to aggravate the problem. It has to do with their anatomy, as ear canals of the kids are not as slant as that of adults, which makes the drainage of fluids from the ear canals more difficult among kids. Therefore, when water gets in, it puts pressure on their eardrums and cause infection.

Causes of ear infection

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Now we know that fluid is the reason for infection in ears. However, the production of fluids in ears is the same defense mechanism of the body as the mucous in nose. The production of ear fluid is in response to bacterial or viral attack on the body. Children may experience cold symptoms with sour throat, wet nose and later ear pain, while they might only experience ear pain in some cases.

Reaction due to a particular type of foods or eatable can also cause ear infection in kids. There are many other causes, which include exposure to smoke, particularly that of cigarette, environment allergies, less breast-feeding of the child by mother and more. Inadequate or poor diet and that is richer in sugar, starch, and dairy products trigger ear infection. The ear infection at times can be severe, which the medical practitioners term as Acute Otitis Media.

Naturopathic treatment

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There are many remedies available today to fight the ear infection in kids; however, reliance on naturopathy is still the safest and the most effective way to fight ear infection.

  • Garlic mullein ear oil drops

Garlic mullein ear oil drops is one natural treatment to fight ear infection and reduce pain. The antimicrobial properties of the oil work against infection in the ear.

  • Onion oil

Similarly, you can use onion oil to alleviate the condition of the suffering child. Just steam an onion to allow the juice to ooze out from its skin. Then wrap it in cheesecloth and slowly press against the infected ear. This will surely give relief to the child.

  • Warm water bottle

A warm wrap of water bottle along the ear is another way of alleviating the condition of the infected child.

  • Hydropathy

This involves introducing cold or warm water into the ears to dilute the hardened fluid, so that it can flow back into the blood stream.

What to do in case of chronic ear infection

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Mother should breastfeed the child for at least six months to boost up the immunity of the child. She should keep the infant away from cigarette smoke and the use of pacifier to the child should not go beyond twelve months.

Make sure to provide compressive diet to the children. Some children might be reactive to certain foods that trigger ear infection in them. The most common allergy causing foods are dairy products, eggs, wheat, soy, corn, citrus fruits and peanuts.

The rightful approach in fighting the recurrence of ear infection in children is to boost their immune system. Vitamin and oil rich foods like cod liver oil, walnut and flaxseed can be helpful against ear infection. Vitamin C and D rich food should be a vital part of their daily diet.

Despite being a common problem, ear infection can cause serious problems if not cured in time. Parents can go for naturopathic treatment to treat ear infection in their kids quickly and easily.

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