Medicinal water finds its use in a variety of spa procedures due to the special ingredients it has. Such water has high mineral composition and is beneficial in several therapeutic, wellness as well as healthcare […]

Hydrojet shower in spa pool

A wellness companion can be anybody, a friend, a domestic partner or someone from your family, who will assist you and travel with you on your wellness journey. It becomes essential for you as a


The success of a wellness tourism journey and the specific wellness therapy would largely depend on the gathering information or research done before the journey. People opting for wellness tourisms would normally find it tricky


If you are travelling overseas for alternative treatments and therapies then you can face many unexpected things in a foreign land. As a potential wellness tourist, you should always be ready for the emergencies, which

Unexpected things that could occur during your wellness trip overseas

Wellness is a positive approach to living. Wellness tourism involves people travelling to different countries to engage in various activities that help in improving and maintaining their health or wellbeing. It includes mental, emotional, physical,

Attractive woman undergoes facial treatment

Most of the people cannot afford to go in a foreign country just for the sake of traveling.  It is a great opportunity for them to reaping the benefits of wellness tourism overseas. There are

Things to consider when travelling abroad for wellness

The Horstmann Technique is a gentle bodywork technique that aims at promoting healing and wellness by releasing blockages developed in the body. These blockages can be identified by stiffness or pain, which can be both

Horstmann technique
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