Different uses of medicinal water in spa procedures

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Medicinal water finds its use in a variety of spa procedures due to the special ingredients it has. Such water has high mineral composition and is beneficial in several therapeutic, wellness as well as healthcare procedures. Different types of medicinal water are rich in different minerals and are used accordingly in various treatments.


Types of medicinal water and their uses

In this following section, let us look at the different physical ailments that medicinal water is capable to cure.

  • Some type of medicinal water is rich in iodine and calcium thus proving to be useful in treatment of problems such as inflammation in respiratory system.
  • In case there is high percentage of Sulphur in the water then it can be used in treating skin problems and joint conditions, which are of degenerative nature.
  • Similarly, if carbon dioxide is dissolved in water then it is beneficial in healing peripheral circulatory issues and different heart conditions.
  • For issues related to bladder infection and gynecological problems in women, water with higher salt content is quite useful.


Medical tests validate benefits of medicinal water

In a number of medicinal spas, water used is rich in minerals and different medical tests have proved this fact. It has been found that medicinal water that is rich in magnesium, sodium, hydrogen carbonate and calcium is useful in treating gastrointestinal problems like hyperacidity and ailments in gall bladder. Likewise, Sulphur rich medicinal water, especially those with oxidized Sulphur is helpful in locomotive problems and in other dermatology related issues.


Use of medicinal water in spa procedures

Nowadays this type of medicinal water is used in different procedures in spas all around the world for treatment of various skin as well as internal ailments. The procedures require several sessions spread over few weeks and results are achieved only after someone completes all the treatment sessions.


Customized procedures

It is however important to properly follow the session timings for the procedures to get optimal results. Additionally, each spa procedure is tailored to suit the individual needs and same procedure cannot be used on different people since it may not work on the other person.


Medicinal water due to its high mineral content is useful in several treatments and works as natural therapy to cure ailments. Due to their beneficial effect on skin, medicinal water is now being used in spa procedures as well and is becoming quite popular.

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