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Signature spa treatments are also known as indigenous spa treatments. The spa treatments are unique to a particular spa and these practices can be readily found being practiced in spas of hotels, resorts, home stay […]

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Spa culture is extremely popular with most people around the world, considering it a getaway from their daily lives full of stresses, toxins and pollution. Considering this, spa centers and wellness resorts cater to their

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Right from being a measure to improve lives, to being a profitable business idea, health spas have made it big in the portals of this globalized world. Today, health spas come as an escape from

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The Alexander Technique is related to improving the postures and movements that promotes the efficient use of muscles. This technique came into being with the efforts of an Australian actor, Frederick Matthias Alexander in 1980s.

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Cranial osteopathy/cranial therapy/craniosacral therapy are a form of osteopathic manipulative therapies that stimulates healing procedures using a gentle hand pressure. This gentle pressure manipulates the skeleton and connective tissues, especially that of the skull and

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Alternative medical practices are being readily adopted today. These unconventional methods have increased the prospects of well being around the world. Ozone and Thalassotherapy treatments are the new area of interest for many as it


We have often heard that it takes more than just medicines to get well. We all understand that good ambience and the wonders of Mother Nature can help us heal better and faster of course.

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Consumer demand and changing lifestyle are the main reasons behind the astonishing growth of the spa industry. Life has become more stressful than ever and people are seeking a respite from the continuous pressure through

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Everyone raves about the healing touch of Hilot be it one coming home from work or people awaiting family reunions. This non-invasive traditional healing method is being readily adopted as a western mode of medical

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According to the study conducted by Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor, the spa industry is growing at the rate of 7.7% annually. The same study has found that in 2007, the spa industry was

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