Electromagnetic therapy

Electromagnetic therapy is an alternative therapy that includes the use of electromagnetic energy to heal the body and mind. It is also called as electromagnetism, magnetic field therapy and focuses primarily on magnetic healing using the magnetic energy.



It is believed that human body has magnetic energy within. Inside the body there exists electrical and magnetic energy that enables the body functions to perform and the heart to beat. Electromagnetic therapy is based on the concept that when there is an imbalance in the energy system, it causes disturbance in the mind and body and ultimately results in a diseased state.

 Electromagnetic therapy proposes a theory that by bringing back the balance in the energy systems with the help of external electromagnetic fields, this disrupted internal energy system can be rebalanced.



Electromagnetic therapy is practiced by trained therapists and the required devices that produce the electric and magnetic fields are used for specific purposes.



The electromagnetic therapy is found to provide benefits like reducing pain, swelling, infection, stress and is also known to relieve complaints like insomnia and depression.

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