Conventional Vs Alternative Medicine, which one is better

Talk about an immediate recovery – conventional medicines! If you want a long-term recovery and a healthy and sound life, then go for Alternatives.


It is still a confusing thing to decide which one to seek when you are ill. The two are very different and that is how people cannot decide which one will be more beneficial for them. Let us have a quick look at the functions of the two modus operandi and understand for which one is better in a particular situation.

Starting with an example, say you are a simple person who believes fully in the alternative therapies. You unfortunately happen to have a terrible accident. That time you cannot stay at home relaxed and rely upon your different therapies, herbs and mixtures to get healed. In addition, a simpler and a more common example would be a person with high cholesterol might get a problem in arteries. That is a tough situation where his life can be at a great risk. That is not the time to sit calm and relish his salads and soups. He has to go for the conventional rescue.

The medicines excel in emergency/casualty type issues. They act as miracles in the time of immediate situations when everything else seems to fail. Moral of the examples are – you have to take the modern medicines that have the strong medicinal properties to cure you quicker and better. Once the basic recovery is dealt with, you can go for the alternative therapies for a healthier body and mind.


The conventional approach removes the symptoms, not the cause. It is done through special drugs and surgeries. A big con with the conventional medicine is that you have to seek its help for curing one ailment quickly at the cost of a side effect or a malfunction to the other body part. This is like a deal where you just have to compromise on the certain pre known terms.

The alternatives go into the cause and work in order to cure from the very roots through proper nutrients or therapies with no side effect in return.

There is a notable seismic shift found in the society from the very grass-root level. People are recognising the power of alternative therapies for various illnesses and sufferings. With growing recommendations of the doctors, there has been a rapid growth in alternative therapies. Even the products today portray the nutritional values for a better sale.

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