Bioli Medical Wellness Resort, Georgia displaying the true value of medical wellness – Review by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Bioli Medical Wellness Resort, Georgia

Just 15 km away from Tbilisi, hardly could I imagine what a pleasant surprise awaited me. It is the Bioli Medical Wellness Resort, the one of its kind true to its name. Initially, I carried a thought that it would be like any other resort but to my amazement, it was entirely different-fascinating and incredible.

It is the Bioli Medical Wellness Resort

The magnificence of this resort is that it is spread over a vast area, so vast one could ever imagine.  Its modernized architecture, facilities, provisions and equipment are simply a cut above others.

Every single room is elegant with aesthetically pleasing décor promising to wipe off your tiredness instantly. I had a great time gazing at the beautiful landscape as hours passed by. Amid such a great ambience, can wellness be far behind?

Bioli – Bringing out the value of Medical Wellness


Being in the wellness industry since long visiting so many wellness resorts, I have seen people rarely understand the inner meaning of medical wellness. It is not the mere absence of illness or infirmity but something much more than that.

Medical wellness is a dynamic process that not only keeps you free from illness but also leads you towards the complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. It entails medical treatments and services along with programs meant for uplifting other aspects of wellness.

So, you have specially purposed medical facilities run by qualified medical experts and wellness programs run by skilled and trained practitioners. Here, in Bioli, I found the real purposeful support of the wellness journey. Very few wellness resorts have the capacity to offer a two-pronged wellness approach – physical and mental by addressing issues from the basics.

In Bioli, facilities, programs, equipment and provisions are at par with the global standards to attract global visitors. Medical services are of supreme quality. I can’t thank enough Dr. Nino Nakashidze for gifting me this superb experience.

While taking a tour of this resort, Dr.Nino explained to me the variety of programs and services they offer and the manner programs are designed. To me, it was informative, educative and above all interesting!

Aiming wellness at the cellular level:

bioli Premium cottage

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This is the USP of Bioli Medical Wellness Resort. It supports your wellbeing from the cellular level. Our health and longevity are determined by cellular health which again depends on air, water, diet, physical activity and mental health.

Georgia’s climatic conditions foster wellness. Bioli is meant to make the best of it. Natural conditions and the bio-architecture of the resort are all supportive of achieving specific wellness objectives. I keenly observed how the research team worked on creating personalized wellness programs for effective health and wellness restoration staving off threats and risks.

Phytoresources – a strong pillar of Bioli’s medical wellness

medicinal herbs

Apart from aiming the individual’s inherent physical resources, Bioli’s programs are highly focused on phytoresources endemic to that region. I must say, Bioli takes the upper hand in this respect. We are all aware of the incredible benefits of medicinal herbs in healing but the way Bioli utilizes is simply different.

The in-house experienced herbal specialists gather precious herbs from Georgia’s alpine zones in the southern slope of the mountainous region. These herbs, duly processed are used in various therapies even in curated meals included in specific programs. To get more of the phyto support, they have phyto baths. All are aimed towards improved immune system, anti-oxidative effect and last but not least quick relief from stress.

Bioli Mix


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Talking of phytoresources, I need to speak a few words on the Bioli Mix. It is a bouquet collection of handpicked herbal ingredients purposed for a specific cause. The herbal aroma be it of flowers, grass and other greens charged with solar energy makes every mix special.

Detox, Antistress, Relax, Immunotea, Bioli Bouquet, Energy, etc. are some of the resort’s signature herbal mixes having special therapeutic properties. I observed how specialists are careful in herb selection keeping in the mind the individual requirements.

Striking medical wellness programs

innovative technology

No two individuals have the same health resources. Bioli’s highly qualified medical team armed with innovative technology identifies and evaluates the individual’s health and comes up with a specific health and wellness management plan with individualized healing strategies. They use a range of advanced but easy-to-use diagnostic tools to assess your health resource, stress, fitness, cardio status, metabolic rate and all.

They talk with the person, understand his needs and problems as well as his wishes while planning the program. This, I felt something very different. It is not a casual approach but a sincere effort laced with care and comfort.

The equipment, state-of-the-art and aesthetically designed are not scary or cumbersome. That makes you feel sicker. Well, I was fascinated by the aqua bike not to mention other devices and equipment that you rarely come across. Working in the medical and wellness industry for years, I will not hesitate to admit that this is something I found very unique.

Bowled by the apple baked chicken!

taste to make the guests satiated

An exceptional gourmet experience and I was simply bowled out! The taste and the look- my words fall short in describing it. Wow! Wondered what tricks the chef cooked. Let me tell you they have a great restaurant Bioli Hall. The food here is so scrumptious!  You will also be surprised to know the restaurant follows a special nutrition model applicable to all, ill or well.

All the natural products are grown in the hothouse to preserve the nutrient and mineral content. Whatever you eat will benefit your health and wellness in a better way. Fearing it will taste bland? Not at all! They do take care of the taste to make the guests satiated. It is delicious! You will look for more. And how could you miss the innovative tasty Georgian Cuisine? A different experience altogether.

I must say Bioli Medical and Wellness resort is the pride of Georgia. I would highly recommend visiting Tbilisi, Georgia and experience the unmatched medical and wellness facilities and proficiencies offered. As I sit penning this experience in the midst of a busy travel schedule, wellness lifted from Bioli lingers. Awaiting the next call!

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