Asanas for acne: Yoga poses for vibrant skin


You probably might have heard about the impact of Yoga on mind and body, and the positive results that many people have got form it. There are yoga poses for coping with and getting rid of several diseases. We bring you a few asanas for skin diseases like acne.  

How can acne be cured by Yoga?

There are several causes of acne, apart from the genetic reasons, Yoga can help fight other causes of acne. The chief reason behind acne is stress, just like behind a host of other diseases. The stress is caused by an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system.

There could be dietary, emotional or physical reasons behind this stress. The blood flow is diverted away from the skin and the digestive system as the blood flow increases in the heart, along with increased hormonal secretions in the body. These conditions favor the outbreak of acne. Yoga asanas or poses help in the calming of the autonomic nervous system, here are a few or them.

Janu Sirsasana

Janu sirsasana or the head on knee pose is practiced while sitting. Be seated on a yoga mat or a blanket, with both legs forward. Hold one leg so that the sole of your foot touches the thigh and the heel touches the groin.

Bend forward until your forehead touches your knee, reach both your hands towards the sole of the extended foot, rest the elbows on the ground, hold the position for a minute, and come back. Repeat the process with the other leg extended. It will take time to master the final position, it is ok if your forehead does not touch your knee initially.


This is also known as the triangle pose and done while standing. Spread your yoga mat or blanket and stand with your feet apart, approximately three feet. Stretch both your arms parallel to the ground with palms facing towards the ground. Turn your right foot outwards (right side), along with the thigh.

Bend sideways so that you place your right hand on the floor in front of your right foot. Take care that you have to bend sideways and not forward. The other hand should be straight in line with the right arm, point towards the sky. Hold in the position for about a minute and then come back. Repeat the action on the other side.


Uttanasana is an intense forward bending pose, where you touch your forehead on your knees. Spread your blanket or yoga mat on the floor and stand straight with both feet together. Keep your hands on your waist and bend forward so that your palms touch the ground. Ensure that your knees do not bend.

Touch your forehead to your knees, hold the position for a minute and come back. Don’t worry if you are unable to touch your forehead to your knees or are unable to keep your palms on the ground initially. Keep practicing and you will see that within some time your asana would be perfect.

Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is an inverted pose and very good for the blood circulation. Initially you can make use of a wall for this asana eventually you don’t have to. Keep your mat close to the wall about six to seven inches apart. Lie down on the mat with your head and back on the mat and legs on the wall.

Keep your elbows on the ground and hold your lower back with your palms. Your legs should be straight on the wall and lower back should be tilted so that it rests on your palms. Hold this position for five to ten minutes, and then lie on the floor to rest your body.

A regular practice of these asanas will make your acne disappear, giving you a radiant skin. They might seem difficult in the beginning, but you will get the hang to them in some time.

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