5 Yoga Exercises for the Relaxation and Benefit of Your Eyes

Yoga Exercises for the Relaxation

Most of the yoga asanas we are accustomed to focus on improving the health and functioning of several organs in the body, including the eyes. There are several yoga asanas and exercises that improve the health of the eyes and effectively treat eye related problems like myopia and hyper-metropia, etc. Here’s a look at some of the more common yoga asanas that are practiced for healthy eyes by several individuals.

Stretching the Eyes

It is imperative that you start every exercise with some stretches. This will help loosen up the muscles a bit, thus reducing the aches associated with exercises. It will also help increase blood circulation to the eyes.

Keep your head stationary and look straight ahead. Now look up (move only your eyes) and remain in this position for 2 seconds. Now look down (again, move only your eyes) and remain in this position for 2 seconds. Repeat this by looking to the extreme left and right for 2 seconds each. Following this, you need to move your eyes to the extreme diagonal corners of the eyes. Start with the top left and follow with bottom right, top right and bottom left. A tight stretch in your eyes indicates the stretch was successful. Repeat the entire cycle for about a minute or so.

Palming the Eyes

This exercise requires you to sit quietly with your eyes closed. Take deep breaths and relax your body.

Rub the palms of your hand against each other vigorously. Continue doing this until the palms become warm. Place the palms directly over your eye lids. You will feel the warmth from your palms transferring to the eyes, and the eye muscles relaxing in the process.

Remain in this position for a couple of seconds and repeat the same process again. Continue this cycle for at least 5 times every day.

Gazing at the Nose Tip

Sit with your legs crossed and life your right arm, keeping it straight in front of your nose. Roll the palm of the right hand into a fist with the thumb pointing upward. Focus on the tip of the thumb and slowly bend your right hand, bringing the thumb to the tip of your nose in the process. Do not take your eyes off the thumb while doing this. Breathe in while doing so.

Remain in this position for about 10 seconds, holding your breath as well. Now gradually straighten your right arm, breathing out slowly in the process. Repeat this exercise for about 5 times.

Blinking the Eyes

This exercise will help strengthen the nerves of the eyes. All you need to do is blink your eyes quickly for about 10 times. Following this, close your eyes and remain in a relaxed position for about 20 seconds. Repeat this blink and relax technique for about 5 times.

Focus Switching the Eyes

Hold a newspaper or book with small letters at reading distance. Cover one eye with a patch or cloth (don’t close the eye as it will increase strain). Focus on any one letter in the newspaper or book with your uncovered eye. Trace the shape of the letter for about 3 seconds. Now look up and focus on an object at least 20 feet away (don’t squint).

Trace the outline of the object for 3 seconds. Repeat this process for five minutes or so before moving on to the next eye. Repeat this cycle for the other eye for another 5 minutes. Do this exercise every day to help your eyes focus better on near and distant objects.

Several yoga poses can benefit the eyes. These yoga exercises work on the muscles and nerves in the eyes, making them stronger. With time, this will help treat several eye related issues like short or long sightedness.

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