Antigravity Chair helps yogis do difficult yoga poses with ease

Yoga is all about attaining the perfect balance and maintaining the perfect posture while flexing your body to its limits. So, certain yoga exercises require thorough practice on the part of the yogis. However, if you cannot devote much time and still, want to master the seemingly difficult yoga poses, you definitely need to use props to make the learning process easier than it is normally. The Antigravity Chair, designed by American designer Lindsay Simone Nevard, helps you perform those back-strengthening exercises, hang upside down, sit comfortably and finally, store your other yoga props (like yoga mats) with ease.

Crafted from a single sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood sans any use of fasteners (glue, nails, etc.), the flat pack, Antigravity Yoga Chair doubles as a cool furniture item for compact living spaces. Nevertheless, its prime purpose is to assist yogis or potential yoga practitioners in doing comparatively tougher yoga exercises without much effort.

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