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Our taxing and hectic schedules with over-burdening deadlines make us too prone to hair loss which has become a common feature these days due to insufficient intake of nutrients, a troubled diet and incessant stress. There are many reasons which stimulate hair loss at different stages of life like vitamin deficiencies, lack of nutrition, chemotherapy and hormonal fluctuations which can strike any of us at any point of time, thereby aggravating the intensity of the problem to greater heights. Most of us do very little to rectify this problem, while others switch to conventional hair restoration programs like undergoing laser treatments, applying harsh chemicals, taking over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs and even opting for surgery but the result seems to impart very limited success rate. The breakthrough in this segment has come along with the introduction of Chinese herbals which are rich in natural vitamins and contain herbal extracts that claim to inhibit DHT build-up, the root cause for enhancing hair growth, stimulate the scalp with proper blood circulation and qi- energy and even stimulate, regenerate and restore hair growth, thereby helping in fighting health disorders which lay the foundation for thinning of hair. Instead of experimenting and self-treating ourselves, with herbs, it is advisable to take medical consultation from a doctor of Oriental medicine who can provide us with a proper healing treatment process by mixing tonics based on our specific needs and address the core cause of hair loss by working on the roots of its origination.

Fleece flower root

The scientific name of this Chinese herb, recommended for treating problems related to hair loss, is polygonum multiflorum. It has been an age old practice by Chinese practitioners to use this herb for rectifying thinning of hair and treating baldness. It is even known as he-shou wu, meaning black-haired, based on a legendary story of an old man named Mr. He who maintained jet-black hair spread over his full head during the full tenure of his lifetime by taking fo-ti orally. This white-rooted plant is highly rich in alkaloid which has an enhancing and rejuvenating effect on the nerves, endocrine glands and brain cells and is even helpful in boosting male sexual libido which is thought to be linked with hair health. Hence, its processed form is used as an anti-ageing toxin as it reverses graying of hair. Solving multi-purpose issues, this herb is even taken for lowering cholesterol levels, helping build better immunity system and reversing hardened arteries. It targets liver and kidneys while strengthening blood flow, which in turn is directly proportional to hair growth. It aids in revitalizing and restoring the body’s capacity to produce healthy hair as it consists of anti-atheros cl-erotic properties thereby making it a traditional remedy for preventing and clearing plaque build-up in arteries. The prepared medicinal root for consumption tastes bitter though, Oriental doctors recommend to take a dosage of 10 to 30 gms daily, on a regular basis so as to encourage hair growth and prevent premature graying.

Erzhi wan

Chemists in China have come up with some recently composed new combinations of medicinal herbs which contain plant components and are believed to be the driving force behind protecting your crown against hair loss and premature balding. One such formulation is erzhi wan which is made by combining two herbs named eclipta alba and ligustrum lucidum. As proven by Chinese scientists, this is a deadly combination which is very effective for treating hair loss problems. This composition is primarily useful in modifying common liver and kidney strengthening herbal preparations. Also termed as the ‘Two Solstices Pill’, where eclipta alba contains anti-inflammatory properties and a phyto-estrogen which assists as a coolant for the blood and also as a powerful liver tonic, which in turn is especially good for the hair, ligustrum lucidum too consists of anti-inflammatory features which works in favor of removing excessive heat from the body, for blackening hair and as a nourishment for the liver. A black dye is even obtained from the former which is widely utilized as a hair-dyeing agent and for tattooing while the latter is considered extremely useful in improving circulation to scalp which in turn encourages hair restoration and stops hair loss.


Ginseng is a very popular stimulant, from the Chinese herb family, and is often found in energy drinks and beverages. Fried Ginseng root works like wonders in treating male pattern baldness and is advised to be taken orally. Although ginseng leaves are even used to make tea, it is a very reliable source to fight away hair fall issues when used in its whole form. Some renowned Chinese companies even formulate and prepare ginseng tonics which assist in increasing blood circulation, disinfect the scalp and stimulate hair growth. The best part about Chinese herbs and botanics is that they work on the core issue which is responsible for the very cause of hair damage and try to resolve the issue with a natural approach, without exposing your hair to further chemical-related side-effects.

Gotu kola

Scientifically termed as centella asiatica, this Chinese herb is well known as ‘the fountain of youth’ in China and is the preferred choice of millions as it contains a multitude of health benefits, the most important one being to stop hair loss and regenerate the growth of new roots. Other benefits associated with this particular herb is better blood circulation, memory enhancement and wound healing for curing anxiety and insomnia which ultimately boosts longevity as well. All you have to do is supplement your diet with this beneficial herb and visualize your hair loss become a thing of the past as gotu kola helps in reversing the effects of baldness and is available in many forms including, capsules, tablets, teas and tinctures in their dried form.

Szechuan lovage

Chinese medicines, for centuries, have been considered as the best resort for masking baldness, restoring blood flow to the scalp, reducing graying and adding a new leaf of vitality to limp hair by scientists, chemists and even laymen. One such botanical herb is szechuan lovage which has its powerful content in its roots. The dried form of its roots is used as an effective agent for cleaning and flushing out impurities from the kidneys, stimulating digestion, helping energy circulation and even purifying the blood. Its supplementary form encourages hair growth, reduces drying and graying of hair and even works on damaged roots, when combined with other Chinese botanics like fleece flower root and hoelen mushroom.

Hoelen mushwoom

Also known as fu ling or tuckahoe, this Chinese herb plant grows on the roots of Chinese red pine trees. It is used as a very effective agent to combat hair loss, nurture the spleen and stomach and even to calm down the body during times of stress and anxiety. These plant extracts are available in many forms like tonics, pills and even in dried slice form which can be utilized to make a cloudy tea. Constant use of the medicine, in any available form, can work considerably in altering and enhancing your
hair’s overall health, thickness and strength.

Psoralea seeds

Psoralea seeds is a native plant of China and is characterized mainly as a climbing bean plant containing high medicinal value. The seeds of this climber are big in size, black in color and bitter to taste. Although sold in tablet form for curing hair loss, one can even opt to purchase it as bulk seeds and take 3-9 gms of it on a regular basis to enhance and rejuvenate hair thickness and growth. The seed contains other benefits as well which play a vital role in curing staph infection, eczema and as a beneficial herbal tonic for keeping your heart hail and hearty.


In a recent research, it has been proven that swerta, a Chinese herbal plant, is quite a promising product for rectifying the problem of hair loss. It is a relative of gentian which proved effective against hair fall in over 80% of the cases experimented on. Gentax is a popular hair loss product which is widely and extensively found in Japan and the United States. It contains essential vital oil geraniolan extracts of swerta. Scientists and chemists have claimed that swerta and gentax together are unbelievably an excellent option, if used in the right proportion, for treatment of issues related to thinning of hair as a result of excessive and incessant hair loss.

Dong quai

Commonly known as angelica or dan gui, this natural Chinese ingredient assists in stopping hair loss and even stimulates its re-growth. It consists of phyto-estrogen which inhibits the formation of DHT, an important reason that promotes hair fall and stops hair growth. Angelica is being used as a hair restorative for centuries as it limits the multiplying effect of DHT thereby helping in building the quality of skin and hair on the scalp.

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