7 Easy tips to quit snoring


Snoring is a phenomenon which all of us have experienced at least once in a lifetime. Either you snore and people have told you about it or your partner snores which disturbs your sleep. However more than a laughter topic, snoring is a serious issue one should deal with. Some simple methods can be used to quit snoring and help get some sleep for yourself and your partner. People usually snore due to the soft palate and tongue falling back on your throat during sleep. This condition causes vibrating movements in the throat which lead to snoring. Your breathing gets interrupted and this can be dangerous. Some simple measures while sleeping like sleeping on one side would help. However some measures need a change in your lifestyle like quitting alcohol or losing weight. When traveling you could carry nasal strips which keep your nasal chamber and passage open during sleep.

Changing the sleeping position

Changing the sleeping position

People usually sleep on their back and this lets the small palate and tongue to roll back into the throat. When the tongue touches the walls of the throat, it causes and obstruction in breathing and hence causing slight vibrations. These vibrations along with the breathing in between causes snoring and sometimes its loud and sometimes soft. For such cases one should avoid sleeping on the back and instead roll on either side of your body. This will prevent the tongue from rolling back and hence stop your snoring. You could use a body pillow to give you extra comfort and this pillow also stops you from rolling back on your back when you are sleeping. This pillow comes in full length of your body and is very helpful. You could try other positions like sleeping with a head ways reclined bed, however that could get uncomfortable and cause pain.

Giving up alcohol


People say that alcohol helps you sleep well but it also promotes snoring. If a person consumed alcohol about 4-5 hours before sleeping time, the muscles in the throat get affected. When this happens, again breathing is interrupted and that person tends to snore a lot. People who drink daily would face this problem regularly. When you snore your breathing become irregular and this could cause a problem for your heart. People who drink regularly tend to have a heart disease and snoring problems. Large quantities of alcohol could also spoil the health of your throat and make you snore at night. The alcohol puts you to sleep and you would never know how loud your snore. Your partner or family members could get disturbed. Hence prevent drinking alcohol before sleeping time and in large quantities.

Reduce weight


Weight issues can be another reason why you snore. You should note that if you have started snoring because you put on weight then it is time to reduce it in order to quit snoring. People tend to put on weight near the neck and shoulder regions. During sleep this accumulated fat puts pressure on your throat and allows it to collapse on the inside. This promotes snoring hence the gained weight is the major reason for you to start snoring. You could exercise, follow a planned diet or workout in a gym to reduce your weight. This would also ensure that you have a fit and healthy body. Your snoring problem will be solved once you lose the extra pounds you have accumulated on your neck.

Hydrate yourself

Hydrate yourself

Your nose and nasal chamber secrete fluids. These can get sticky and hard when your body is not well hydrated. You need to drink a lot of fluids and water to prevent these secretions from sticking to your throat an nasal passage. When your body is dehydrated, the secretions will prevent the smooth breathing process and hence make you snore. When you drink enough fluids, you will prevent the accumulation of these secretions and hence stop yourself from snoring. You should drink ample amount of water and different kinds of fluids per day.

Switch pillows

Switch pillows

Switch your pillows and pillow covers regularly. The dust and dirt from the environment gets settled on your pillow during the day and this can cause infections to your throat. This increase your chances of snoring. Switch pillows for stored ones or switch the pillow covers for fresh and washed ones to prevent the growth of dust mites. Keep your bed and mattress clean and make sure you keep your pillows in the sun for some time. This prevents the growth of any bacteria and does not affect your health. Make sure you change your pillows every six months and get them fluffed once in a while. This will prevent your snoring habit as well when you throat is all healthy. After dusting the room or ceiling fan, make sure you vacuum clean the room and your bed.

Take enough rest

Take enough rest

Your body needs rest after a long day at work. You should follow good sleep habits and sleep at a fixed time and wake up at a fixed time. When you body is well rested, your snoring will reduce drastically. It is said that a tired body always tends to snore at night. Hence it is much needed that you cover up your lost sleep, if you have stayed awake for long hours at night. Make sure you sleep in a clean and quite place so that your sleep is not disturbed at regular intervals. This will ensure that your body gets the relaxation is needs and hence will prevent any snoring.

Keep your nasal passages open

Snoring can take place through the nose as well. This happens when your nasal passage is blocked due to accumulation of mucus and secretions. This can block the passage of air when breathing and hence cause snoring. In order that your breathing is regularized, you need to keep the nasal passages open. If you have a cold, then you can take a hot water bath before sleeping. This will ensure that the accumulated secretions are thrown out, leaving the nose clean and open. You could also try your hands at nasal strips. These need to be stuck to the skin on the nose and they help keeping the nose open. Using a salt water solution, you can rinse your nose. This saline water helps remove all clogging.

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