Yoga poses for a slim and fit body

Yoga poses for a slim and fit body

Persistent yoga can help you achieve and maintain a slim and trim body. It can burn those extra pounds and ensure amazing weight loss. It lowers the stress levels and increases the sensitivity of the insulin levels, thus causing burning of the body fat.

Crescent Pose:

In this pose, you need to stand with the feet next to each other. Slowly inhale and take your arms above your head with the fingers pointing straight above. Gradually exhale and bend ahead and slowly get the hands down. Now inhale and in some seconds exhale while pushing the right leg back. Then inhale while taking the arms above. Slowly come back to the first standing position and repeat it with other leg. This pose strengthens the abs, hips and thighs.


Stand straight with your feet touching each other, slowly move the left sole and place it inside the right thigh and bend the knee on one side. Take the palms near the chest and settle for two seconds. Now raise arms above with the fingers facing the roof. Then inhale while bending the torso to the left and get back to the straight position. Repeat this five times on alternate side. This pose helps strengthen the abs.


To achieve this position, you have to take the foundation push-up position right on the toes. Keep the arms straight and hands positioned below the shoulders and the body should be straight. Slowly exhale and move the chest towards the floor and bend the elbows back. Hold this position for a few seconds and get back slowly. This pose helps strengthen the arms, shoulders, back and abs.

Rocking boat:

In this pose, the basic posture should be sitting with the knees bent. The feet should be on the floor and hands on the thighs. The torso should be straight. Now lean backwards slowly at an angle of 45 degrees and raise the feet such that the calves remain parallel to the floor. Slowly inhale and extend both the legs and arms with legs touching each other. Exhale and inhale slowly, and bring the torso down. You basically need to form V shape in this posture and repeat it five times. This posture strengthens your abs and back.


Yoga is one of the easiest and natural ways to remain fit and healthy. If you practice yoga regularly, you can get a slim and toned body.

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