DVDs to help you keep fit during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when exercising is necessary to keep the body flexible and less stressful. You do not have to rush to the nearest gym to do so. Some DVDs give you the right awareness and exercise modules to follow during those 9 months.

Pregnancy health yoga

This book by Tara Lee shows yoga poses to calm the body and soul. If you are looking for a stress-free and easy exercise module after a tedious day at work, then this yoga expert can help you do so. It includes eight different options that can be chosen as per your preferences. The practices generally focus on strength, relaxation and energy. Moreover, these easy to do yoga exercises can be carried on my amateurs too.

Prenatal fitness fix

Trainer Erin O’Brien shot this DVD when she was pregnant for 7 months. This DVD includes her husband, famous actor James Denton (from the Desperate Housewives). This personalized DVD shows safe workouts with focus on cardio and toning workouts. Moreover, it stretches and relaxes with burning excess body fat.

My pre and post natal workouts

This has been a popular DVD since six long years. This DVD is made by Davina McCall, who has three babies, shows simple and stress free exercises. This exercises if followed regularly increase the stamina that is much needed during labor. Moreover, they also tone the body and relax it. The DVD also shows exercises that are necessary to get back to that slim body you once had post pregnancy.

The complete antenatal and wellbeing programme

This DVD has been shot by the Britain-based trainer Jane Wake, who has the experience of training athletes and celebrities during their pregnancy. It is a complete package with information on a fitness and health when you are planning to get pregnant and post that.

The pregnancy project

Shot on Tracy Anderson, this set includes nine DVDs that give abundant tips on staying healthy and fit. Celebrities like Gwyeth Paltrow and Madonna have taken tips from Tracy. This collection of DVDs slowly leads you through the exercises that are much needed as per the pregnancy months. This schedule helps to keep the arms, bums and legs toned. Moreover, it also showcases interviews by pregnancy experts which can be an add on.


The above DVDs are a perfect package to get the pregnancy stress free and with good health. They are readily available for purchase online.

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