Tips to choose the best Yoga mat

A good Yoga mat enhances the positive effects of your Yoga routine

Buying a Yoga mat might sound like a simple task but it’s, actually, not. There are great varieties of Yoga mats available in the market to match the varying needs of the individuals. However, there are two main reasons why you should select your Yoga mat with care. A good Yoga mat enhances the positive effects of your Yoga routine and helps you in performing the different Yoga poses. There was a time when the only readily available Yoga mat made of PVC came in two or three colors with no other distinguishable differences whatsoever. However, in today’s market, the Yoga equipment companies are coming up with many innovative designs and textures, in the Yoga mats, for added comfort.

How to select the best Yoga mat

Thick or Thin

In Yoga, a too thick or a too thin Yoga mat can spoil your experience completely. If the mat is too thin, you might hurt your knees or other parts, as they would not provide enough comfort. A very thick mat will make you feel totally disconnected from the floor and feel uneasy. It is advised that you get a Yoga mat that is at least 1/8 inch to 1/ 4 inches thick. Your choice should depend on the type of floor you have (wood, marble etc), and the storage space available for keeping the Yoga mat. Trial test the Yoga mat to see if the thickness is comfortable for you or not.

What is it made of

The material of the Yoga mat is another important factor for deciding if you should or should not buy it. A lot depends on the material of the Yoga mat. It is integral in deciding how long the mat can be used, if it is sticky and how much pressure it can take. Some common materials are organic cotton, rubber, jute and vinyl.  Most people like to stick to the PVC or vinyl as they have a long life span and can be used for years. Do not use rubber mats if you are prone to latex allergy. Jute is an eco-friendly option but it doesn’t have the longevity of PVC.

Trial by Texture

You should definitely check out the texture of the Yoga mats as they often vary. Choose a Yoga mat that gives you sufficient traction for moving and sliding with ease. The texture should be smooth because otherwise you won’t feel comfortable while performing relaxing postures like the Shabasana. The jute mats are a bit rough whereas the vinyl mats are sticky.

Nature Friendly

If you are concerned about the environment and want to keep it clean in every way possible then you should buy a Yoga mat made of eco-friendly material. Generally, the eco-friendly mats are made of natural rubber and jute.

Pay attention to the Price

Don’t buy something too highly priced. Yoga mats have to be endurable and the inexpensive vinyl ones are good enough for years of use. But if you want to add colors or textures to your Yoga mat the price pinch will be higher. The eco-friendly mats cost more than the PVC mats. 

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