The best Yoga tools to start with

best Yoga tools to start with

Yoga is actually a type of exercise that does not require many props. It is all about moving your body in a methodically controlled manner. However, there are some Yoga postures that are difficult for any of us, especially for the novice. Our bodies are not equally flexible. To incorporate a tough Yoga schedule in your life you have to take the help of the Yoga equipments available in the market. There are a great many Yoga tools that you can get for yourself. For choosing the right Yoga tools you need to understand their functions and benefits.

Are the Yoga equipments really necessary?

Yoga is a form of exercise that originated in the ancient India. Nowadays it has become popular in most of the countries as an effective and beneficial way of maintaining fitness.  Yoga was not created in the ancient days with the Yoga props in mind. But with time people invented and improvised different Yoga tools to make the practice of Yoga easier and more comfortable. The truth is that most Yoga postures are tough for us as we are not experts. That’s why we should use the appropriate Yoga equipments to aid our Yoga regimen and keep our muscles from getting strained.

Some of the Yoga Tools that you should know about:

The Yoga Mat: The most basic Yoga equipment is the Yoga mat, which every Yoga lover needs to possess. There are a great variety of Yoga mats available in the market but the tried and tested sticky mats are best for supporting your body and holding it in place. The sticky yoga mat doesn’t let your body slide or slip during the Yoga sessions and change of postures. You can also opt for the eco-friendly Yoga mats made of natural rubber or jute, but they can cost you some extra bucks.

The Yoga Block: Made of wood, foam, rubber or cork, the Yoga blocks come in different shapes and sizes. They help in aligning your body while practicing Yoga. The blocks are extremely helpful in performing the forward bend, side stretches, standing postures, the Half-Moon pose and the Bridge pose.

The Yoga straps: The Yoga straps enable you to increase your flexibility and stretch more than you normally can. They help your body’s movements and keep you steady. The straps made of webbed cotton are available in varying sizes. Generally the straps are 6 to 10 feet long and they usually have a D-ring buckle, fastened, at their end.

Yoga Bolsters: The Yoga bolsters are rectangular cushions which enhances the comfort level of the users. They are usually about 20-25 inches long and 5-6 inches thick. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate our needs. Bolsters provide support to our neck and back and increases our capacity of stretching.

Wedges: For focusing the attention of Yoga on a particular part of the body the foam wedges re used. By placing wedges under arm, neck, legs you can easily perform difficult Yoga poses.

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