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If industry reports are something to go by, the global wellness industry, already a multi-billion dollar sector, is growing rapidly – even faster than travel in general. Reasons for its exponential increase are aplenty, but […]

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You must have noticed that when you apply a cream or lotion to your skin, it gets absorbed pretty quickly. This implies that your blood is contaminated with chemicals present in the cream or lotion

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Many places around the world offer complimentary, integrative and alternative medicines. In this section we are going to discuss the regions that are increasingly becoming popular around the world for offering complementary and alternative medicine.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

It is imperative for individuals opting for wellness therapies abroad to look out for pre-travel advice in order to avoid any hassles during the trip. It is highly recommended that potential wellness tourists take appropriate

Getting started for Wellness

Those who want to combine wellness with CAM Many travelers combine their wellness trips with Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM to ensure quick recovery. While wellness tourism facilitates the well-being of body, mind and soul during

Alternative Medicine Guide

Expats who wants to combine alternative treatments with traveling home Many people from developing and underdeveloped nations move to developed countries in the search for better job opportunities and lavish lifestyle. At some point in

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When certain treatments are not available or accessible Many patients in developed as well as developing countries do not have the adequate facilities or infrastructure in their hometowns or countries for the proper treatment of

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Safety and legal issues Many people believe that alternative therapies are safer than conventional treatments because of the conception that they are natural; the belief is not always true. Many safety and legal issues surround

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Lack of a central organized structure For those accustomed to conventional medicine, you will not find a similar, or perhaps any, structure in alternative medicine and wellness tourism.In alternative medicine, it is not necessary for

CAM therapies

One of the biggest limitations of most alternative therapies is the fact that their efficacy claims are usually based on anecdotesrather than clinical trials. However, this doesn’t mean that CAM therapies are useless. Several alternative

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