Stay fit: Aerial yoga for healthy body, mind and spirit

Aerial Yoga

The most appealing feature of aerial yoga is that it is highly enjoyable and it is a total body plus mind workout. The typical aerial yoga class consists of relaxation, aerial exercises and stretches. This workout has become highly famous off late and some of the top celebrities around the world are using aerial yoga to maintain their body and stay fit. The high fun quotient of aerial yoga helps people to exercise in a way that they can enjoy and not feel monotonous.

What’s so hot about this fitness regimen?

This workout focuses on the whole body and has proved to be quite effective. A person performing aerial yoga is generally suspended with the ceiling up to the height of hips with a trapeze which allows to distribute body weight between the sling and the floor and thus makes it feasible for performer to try out aerial yoga. In aerial yoga an individual is made to perform a large variety of core strength, flexibility and strength building moves. The aerial yoga performed using sling helps people maintain body balance during difficult yoga poses and also lengthen the hold of each pose so that maximum impact is ensured. The sling based workout is also helpful in reducing spinal compressed which allows the body to stretch fully.

How is this a perfect health tool?

Aerial yoga is a perfect health tool for people of all age groups, it ensures that the body gets ample support and thereby lowering risk of any kind of injury. Aerial yoga has a positive impact on both body and mind. It is also believed that regular practice of aerial yoga induces happiness in an individual which automatically has a positive effect on the over all health. It is also believed that aerial yoga increases the stability of human brain making it more sharp and active. By performing aerial yoga people also tend to sharpen their cerebellum’s astuteness. It also increase the neuro-plasticity.

What to wear?

Since aerial yoga involves a lot of complicated turns and twists it is essential that you dress up accordingly. Too tight clothes might make you feel uncomfortable all the time whereas with extra loose clothes you might get tangled. Wearing typical gym clothes is apt, anything loose however needs to be avoided to avoid tangling with the sling. Good track pants and a well fitted t-shirt is apt for the aerial yoga class. Do not forget to wear good shoes along with socks. Tie your laces properly. It is extremely essential that you stay comfortable during the exercise session. You must also pay attention to the cloth fabrics, non slippery cotton or cotton blends are the best options to consider.

Who can do this?

People of all age groups can perform aerial yoga. It is essential to start off training under a learned trainer. People with heart diseases, blood pressure problems, osteoporosis, head injury, propensity for fainting, arthritis, sinus, hernia, etc problems might need to stay away from even thinking of aerial yoga. Once you have learned aerial yoga from a trainer you can start practicing at your home if you have ample open space. If you can perform three consecutive sit ups you are perfectly suited to perform aerial yoga. Pregnant women must however avoid aerial yoga. People who have been recently operated must also shy away from aerial yoga.

How to get started?

Just go and get your name enrolled in a reputed aerial yoga class. Make sure that the class trainers is a practiced aerial yoga instructor and that all required infrastructure is available. Do not forget to warm up your body before you start performing aerial yoga. Also listen to the instructions carefully and avoid running into exercise without taking a nod from your trainer. Avoid any big meals before hitting for aerial yoga class. It is advisable not to exercise empty stomach to avoid dizziness. Just hit your aerial yoga class and start your fitness regime at the earliest.

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