Native American Healing

Native American Healing uses historical collection of information, communal ritual spirituality, herbal medicine and other treatment modalities from different North American tribes that have existed over thousands of years.  Native American healers consider spiritual imbalances that occur within an individual and the community to be responsible for illness.



Most of the practices in Native American Healing have passed down to further generations by experienced practitioners. The community relied on healers who were aware of this alternative healing or shamanic healers, who were believed to contact the spiritual world to fight disorders and help in healing of an individual. This practice seems to have been used since hundreds of years.

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Native American Healing is based on the principle of considering inner self, emotions and lifestyle when considering health, disease and treatment. It also takes into account an individual’s social settings, natural surroundings and overall self.

The principle behind Native American Healing, aims at connecting the hidden relationships that exist between individuals and the natural world surrounding them. There is a belief that such relations exist and influence each other in different ways. When there is a balance in these relationships the forces that flow inside and outside an individual, a state of health is maintained. When these forces get disturbed, it eventually affects a person’s health and wellbeing.

Holding Hands


Native American Healing tradition focuses mainly on four elements:

  • Symbolic ritual – communicating with the spiritual world and seeking help in the healing process
  • Shamanic healers – offer prayers to appease spirits to treat illness and restore health
  • Purification– to help the body get rid of the impurities and return to a spiritually pure state
  • Use of herbal medicines 

It is possible that the approach of one practitioner could differ significantly, based on the learning from the source, individualized, instinctive grasp and the influence of the surroundings.



This alternative healing therapy is believed to be helpful in a variety of medical ailments; including cancer. Herbal medicines could be helpful in treating chronic ailments and reducing chronic pain. Spiritual healing can help in reducing stress, anxiety and bring about peace of mind.

Safety First

A variety of purification rituals performed can have side effects. Some of the treatment modalities and herbal therapies may be uncomfortable for the recipients.

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