CranioSacral therapy basics

CranioSacral therapy

A calming and gentle touch therapy that makes the body heal on its own, CranioSacral is another discovery in the world of alternative medicines. It is particularly known for its ability to release tension, especially in the skull. Also widely known as CST, it is said to restore the balance in the physical system.

Working of CST therapy

The therapy involves the practitioner massaging the patient with their hands. The therapist taps into the craniosacral rhythm of the patient through this massage. It focuses mainly on the skull and spine. All blockages obstructing the flow in the patients system are treated. These blockages are believed to be the root cause of disease by this medicine.

But this therapy does not work on an energy level. It tries to manipulate the tissues and fluids of the central nervous system. All restrictions in the nerve passages are alleviated when the cerebrospinal fluids in the spinal cord are nursed. Even misaligned bones can return to their original position. The therapy is used by chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists, and even a few osteopathic physicians.

Benefits of CST therapy

One of the main benefits of this therapy is pain relief. It is also widely known for easing mental stress. Try it if you are undergoing any anxiety or trauma. You can also give it a shot if you suffer from constant backaches, neck pains, migraines, etc. It is also known to treat sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and hyperactivity.

Chronic pain ailments like fibromyalgia can also be cured. It can even heal TMJ Syndrome. Also, asthma and joint problems can be treated. It mainly gives a boost to the central nervous system. It can even have a positive effect on your the immune and endocrine system. However, not all research and institutions support this therapy as it doesn’t always give results.

Benefits to different age groups

The therapy can be used to cure a number of diseases in people of different ages.

Some people recommend it to expectant mothers and new born infants. It can help with sleep related problems and colic or latching issues in infants. Even as your children are growing up, during their preteens and teens, you can opt for this treatment.

While growing up it can remedy asthma, learning difficulties, dyslexia, borderline autism, and other behavior related problems. If your children are suffering from middle ear infection time and again then you can give this remedy a try. It is safe and works in most cases.

The middle age group that goes through stress in their everyday life should give it a try. If you are older then you might have a joint pain, which this therapy can cure. Also if you have undergone any injuries, you can try CranioSacral treatment. It can cure muscle tension, lesion, torsion, contusion, etc and even spinal cord injuries.

It can even ease out emotional and learning difficulties in any age group. The branch of SER or SomatoEmotional Release helps out with your feelings and sentiments. It is a relaxing treatment which can uplift your spirits.

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