Alternative medicine can help you get rid of chronic ailments without invasive surgeries

Alternative medicine has widened the scope of medical treatment and healthcare. People now have more options and need not stick to conventional medicine for getting their health back. Conventional medicine only offers treatments for apparent symptoms that are prominent and causes physical uneasiness. Health-Insurance-Companies1   Modern medicine prescribes synthetic medicines and invasive surgeries for treating chronic ailments. These chronic ailments may get fully or partially cured but the impact of invasive surgery might affect the patient’s health very negatively. For example when a patient goes through surgery and chemo therapies for the treatment of thyroid cancer their capacity to swallow diminishes. They can only survive on liquid diet. This makes them weaker and takes away their ability to fight back the recurring disease of cancer.

Alternative medicine comprises of many different natural and herbal therapies that have no harmful side effects. Unlike integrative medicine, alternative medicine looks beyond the immediate and apparent symptoms and takes into account the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of an individual. Alternative medicine not only treats the body but also the soul and mind of the patients. It does not recommend invasive surgery. Alternative therapies attempt to restore the balance among the body, spirit and mind for healing patients.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, which is a part of alternative medicine, life energy or qi flows through our body and gives us energy for work. Imbalance of this life energy or qi disrupts body functions and causes diseases. Acupuncture is a treatment that addresses this problem and improves the soft tissue functions. Chiropractic helps in chronic skeletal or nervous system disorders. 2266537573_7bbffc45dd_z Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT helps in controlling the emotional trauma and feeling of remorse associated with chronic diseases like cancer. It comprises of a three minute long technique in which fourteen points of the body are touched in a sequential order. Energy Medicine or EM works on the electromagnetic field of our body to change the chemical reactions within the cell for enhancing health. Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT is another therapeutic system that helps in releasing pent up tension and stress associated with diseases. By treating the mind and soul these therapies strengthen the will of the patients and improve their inner immunity system.

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