Yoga poses and styles beneficial for stomach ulcer patients

stomach ulcer patient

Yoga Therapy or Yoga Chikitsa (as it is called in Sanskrit), is an area that is very extensive and very difficult to describe in brief. Nevertheless, simply, you can term is as a health care system that assists in treating human ailments in the most natural way by getting rid of the pain through physical and mental exercises. Yoga therapy is not only curative but also preventive. It is also restorative and soothing.

Yoga therapy is now popular the world over as people are attempting to merge modern medical know how with the old concepts of Yoga to come out with less invasive ways of healing. Yoga therapy encompasses a holistic treatment of various psychosomatic and psychological ailments ranging from stress to asthma.

The principle behind Yoga Therapy

Yoga is based on the precept that a person is himself responsible for his or her health. Hence, the main emphasis is upon deriving an emotional, mental and physical balance so that you achieve harmony in life. Yoga is basically a medium of establishing balance of the inner self and therefore, yoga therapy is more about increasing the awareness rather than prescribing treatments.

Practicing Yoga Therapy

There are basically six steps that are used in yoga therapy as follows:

  1. Asanas or practicing the right posture

There are a set of asanas that help tone-up the internal organs and muscles, thereby creating an awareness of body functions and calming the mind. They also stimulate the endocrine glands of the body, helping in the cure and prevention of many diseases.

  1. Pranayama or right breathing techniques

Pranayama are a set of very easy breathing technique that set your breathing in a normal manner and also help to slow it down. This impacts your entire system.

  1. Kriyas or right cleansing techniques

Kriya is a set of hygienic procedures that are easy to perform and they help you attend to the affected areas inside your body and help energies your internal cleansing mechanisms.

  1. Balanced yogic diet

A lot of our ailments are directly related to the food we consume and therefore by modifying our lifestyle and eating habits, we can bring about a positive change in our internal system.

  1. Shavasana or right relaxation technique

Shavasana is a relaxing position that is repeated many times in the Yoga routine. This helps to calm both the body and mind and is based on the principle that relaxation is the key to health.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is a something that helps to calm the mind, enhances will power, concentration, and perpetrates chakra energy. It is a technique that takes time to perfect.


If these yoga therapy exercises are done on a regular basis, a person can be free from various psychosomatic problems. It not only gets rid of the toxins from out system but also stimulates the affected organs and protects them from disease.

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