Yoga – the key to passionate sex life

The connection between sexuality and yoga is a vital aspect of interest for several learners to the practice. One of the most powerful and sensational energy within the body is certainly the sexual energy as this creates life. Yoga helps in this renunciation thereby embracing it. There are a couple of yoga positions that are created for channelling the sexual energy with the help of meditation, asana and pranayama. No wonder, yoga is regarded as the key to passionate sex life.

How yoga helps to improve sex life

For couples on the lookout for ways to improve their sex life can try yoga, as this is the finest ways of helping them in discovering ways for spicing it up, thereby getting the energy they need for enhancing their sexual drive, having more passionate sex and above all making it an enjoyable activity.

It has been proven that yoga is beneficial for sex health for both man and woman. Yoga along with giving one a flexible mode for an enhanced lovemaking, particularly if one is on the lookout for new positions for making their love making more exciting. The various forms of yoga exercises will enable one to change and perform positions better, helps to relieve stress, which aids one in getting the energy to experience a better sex.

Three ways yoga can enhance sexual drive

  • Sensuality – Yoga on a subtle level helps one in developing an awareness of the sensations in their body. Familiarizing in feeling the weight rolling inside the edges of the palms will help one in savouring every sensation in their body, especially the most enjoyable one that occurs during sex. This can help one rooted in their body as well as out of their head, where their swirling thoughts will help one to enjoy the experience between the sheets.
  • Intimacy – The effects of yoga exercises transcend the physical thereby helping partners in becoming more comfortable with respect to their vulnerable positions, especially a heart-warming conversation in bed during the nighttime.
  • Better Orgasms – A vital aspect of yoga includes drawing up and engaging the muscles, especially the pelvic floor that aids in strengthening the muscles that play a crucial role in orgasm.

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