Wellness trends that are expected to be the rage in 2015

Trends in spa and wellness are very important to set the tune of working and the concepts that remain popular throughout the year in all spas and wellness centers throughout the world. These trends are very important from the perspective of hospitality and tourism industry, as these trend practices are a major contributors towards the business and profitability of spas and wellness centers.

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This 2015, the tone and trends of wellness is all set including spa experiences, fitness, travel, beauty, fitness, nutrition, and corporate wellness not to forget. These trends are expected to make 2015 a top wellness year. Here are a few trends that are likely to make it big for the global wellness industry this year:

The Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku/ Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

Being in green and serene places is one of the best measures for healthy living, is a fact that is known to the world since the time immemorial. However, the concept of the Japanese practice forest bathing is even more magical. It produces allelochemic substances known as phytoncides.

These phytoncides when exposed to humans, chemically lowers the blood pressures, relieves humans from stress and increases the growth of white blood cells that fight cancer. This practice is readily being provided by wellness and spa centers and is likely to become even more popular in 2015.

Islamic wellness traditions

enhancing the beauty

Islamic world offers innumerable wellness traditions and techniques, as food medicines, and nature based beauty and healing practices from more than a 1000 years. These practices have caught the eyes of people for long now, and hopefully this year many new traditions from the magical Islamic world unveil themselves.

Nutritional beauty practices from the Islamic traditions is to make way into world spas especially with their typical ingredients like camel’s milk, baobob fruits for enhancing the beauty and more. The traditional Islamic rasul/mud treatment is another major measure that has caught the interest of people from world over.

Corporate wellness

Relaxing Head Massage

All will agree that there is nothing more pressurizing than the corporate work pressures. The blue-collared employees are working at odd hours and generally suffer on their health patterns for the same. It is important that their wellness be adopted as a company measure, which will indeed enhance their productivity. Today most corporate employees are battling chronic diseases like obesity, musculoskeletal, and more. This becomes the basis for inculcating a wellness program in the organizational policy.

It will be soon that the free massage breaks and smartphone applications for employees are linked to the organization’s headquarters. This prospect has come as a huge enticement for the spa centers and wellness providers operating throughout the globe. With more and more organizations becoming cautious about the wellness of their employees worldwide, the working projects for the wellness service providers increase tremendously.

Marijuana legalization and wellness connection

Law and Marijuana

Uruguay will be the first country to legalize recreational practices of marijuana in 2015. This process when combined to the services rendered at various spas will change the very face of the wellness tourism industry throughout the world.

New cannabis is therefore the new trend. Wellness tourism is being completely redefined with more marijuana dispensaries adopting spa services. It is expected to be used as measure to treat patients with high levels of pain, as it is a great pain reliving topical. It will also be used in beauty products with help seed and milk, for other wellness measures.

Wellness and hospitality industries have always been on the typical high interest world over and the redefining trends of 2015 has gathered much more interest than ever before. These trends help in evaluation of what will work best for the rest of the year, and provide the idea to spa centers and wellness providers about what to focus on extensively for the year.

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