Ways of practicing yoga in an earth friendly manner

practicing yoga in an earth friendly manner

Yoga is an ancient method that originated in India thousands of years ago. Yogis, people who practice yoga, have to be careful about their lifestyle choices. Due to their habit of practicing yoga postures everyday they attain a higher level of consciousness and it should be their responsibility to use the natural resources of our earth carefully. They can set an example for others by making healthy and eco-friendly choices.

Yoga is not just a type of exercise a lifestyle that affects all aspects of life. Regular practice of yoga creates a perfect balance among the body, mind and spirit. That is why yoga doers are capable of coping with stress and usually take wiser decisions. If you are eco-conscious then you should take some measures for practicing yoga in an earth friendly manner.

Small yet conscious measures can help in bringing big changes in our lifestyle. Elaborate measures are unnecessary for making your yoga earth friendly. You can do it with the help of some easy steps. For example, you should stop using yoga clothing, yoga mat and other necessary things made using toxic chemicals.

Also, avoid products made using the non-renewable resources of earth. Buy yoga products and clothing that can be recycled and reused. Organic clothes made with bamboo and hemp is good, eco-friendly choices for practicing yoga. Always remember that your choices can influence others to make similar eco-friendly choices. Maybe all the members of your yoga class will opt for organic clothing seeing you.

Do not drive to your yoga classes. Driving your car means that fossil fuels will get burnt and create harmful gases. Instead, you should walk or cycle to your yoga classes. If it is too far then arrange a car pool system to curb the amount of pollution caused by fossil fuel combustion. Instead of using the chemical cleansers available at departmental stores, you should make a cleanser at home and use it for cleaning the yoga mat. You can easily make a homely mat cleanser by using vinegar and essential oils. If you travel for yoga as a teacher or student then try to stay at hotels that take serious eco-friendly measures. Walk as much as you can and eat local, organic food.


Practicing yoga is a good habit but you should do it in an eco-friendly manner. Making small eco-friendly choices can bring big changes to our world.

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