Using Oriental Medicines to Treat Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are chronic disorders that are almost impossible to cure and very difficult to handle. Although the symptoms of these conditions can be suppressed by different treatments and therapies, the potential for return is high in all cases. Autoimmune disorders usually target the body’s immune system, weakening or damaging it to the point that it cannot protect the body from infections, illnesses and diseases anymore. While most of these disorders are caused by genes inherited from family members, there have been cases of autoimmune disorders being triggered by viral or infectious agents.

Traditional Chinese Medicine an effective cure for Autoimmune Disorders

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Of late, many individuals with autoimmune disorders have started opting for oriental medicine aka traditional Chinese medicine to treat their conditions. When compared to western medicines which simply curb the symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on strengthening the damaged immune system, thus helping the body fight the disorders on its own. Traditional Chinese medicine aka TCM aims at increasing the Qi (positive energy) circulation throughout the body, believing that it will help the immune system as well the organs return to their previous, healthy condition.

TCM focuses on treating autoimmune disorders with a mix of healthy diets, mindfulness healing and herbal remedies. When customized properly and used accordingly, these herbal remedies offer immense relief from the symptoms of autoimmune disorders sans any aide effects. In the long term, these herbal remedies will focus on correcting the imbalances in the body that led to the autoimmune dysfunction initially.

Stages of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating Autoimmune Disorders

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When it comes to autoimmune disorders, treatment usually takes part as one of two stages. The first is the acute stage wherein the symptoms are excruciatingly painful and dramatic. In this case, strong anti-inflammatory herbs are administered to curb these symptoms and bring relief to the system.

The second is the remission stage wherein the symptoms in the acute stage have subsided temporarily. In this case, herbal tonics as well as adaptogens are administered to the body to modulate and strengthen its immune system, thus nourishing the blood and strengthening the organ function in the process.

Using Acupuncture to treat Autoimmune Disorders


Acupuncture has for long now, been considered as an effective treatment for individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders. TCM propagates that the imbalance in the body that leads to these disorders in the first place is usually caused by excess or low levels of yin and yang. This, in turn, will disrupt the proper flow of Qi in the body. Acupuncture, according to TCM, can help restore this balance and treat the root cause of the disorder effectively while bringing down the symptoms related to the same as well.

Acupuncture does this by stimulating physical responses in the brain, nerve cells and the pituitary gland, thus causing the body to release excess brain chemicals and protein hormones. These substances help in bringing a number of bodily functions in order while providing additional strength to the immune system.

Acupuncture is usually combined with other therapies as part of a complete treatment program for autoimmune disorders. Some of the other therapies in this program will include nutritional support, herbal medicines, moderate physical activity and stress reducing exercises, etc.

Combining TCM with Western Medicines

Western Medicines

Occasionally, patients with severe symptoms are prescribed a mix of western medicines and traditional Chinese medicines to treat their autoimmune disorders. This is also done with patients who are afraid to let go of western medicines. These individuals are prescribed TCM which will support their organs, joints and blood function until they can gradually move away from western medicines and rely completely on oriental medicine.


Autoimmune disorders target the immune system and weaken it, making the body highly prone to infections and illnesses. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been known to be more effective in treating autoimmune disorders and their symptoms, and is being sought out by more individuals these days.

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