Using alternative therapies to bring relief for cancer patients

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Being the deadliest diseases, cancer has been the talking point not just for the patient but also for doctors and researchers who have been striving for some time now to find a practical solution to cure the disease. Various studies are being conducted on cancer patients across the world to detect symptoms of the disease at early stage and researchers have been working on new medicines and treatments to cure the disease effectively.

Even though we have some positive results, we are far from curing the disease permanently. Until researchers find a permanent solution, we will have to rely on alternative cures and therapies to minimize the effects of the disease.

Why have we failed to develop the alternative therapies?

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Independent studies prove that various alternative treatments can even cure some of the most severe cancers effectively. Despite tall claims that the cancer is curable from around the world, there seems to be not much headway in the field.

Proponents of the new/alternate therapies believe that there is a big global conspiracy of the cancer industry going on to suppress any easy cure for cancer. Development and popularity of any alternative treatment or medicine would hurt the profits of these global giants who are spinning billions of dollars each year simply by selling cancer medicines.

The argument

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While the proponents of alternative therapies say that the present cancer curing system only treats cancer, instead of curing it; on the other hand, the medical practitioners say that the so-called alternative system of medicines only suppresses the ailment for some time and the disease reappears after sometime. The proponents of alternative therapies say that some people unjustly disregard the alternative treatments as ineffective.

If a person, who has been cured with alternative therapies, develops cancer after a period of ten to twenty years from the time of his cure is regarded as a failed example of alternative treatment. On the other hand, even if symptoms in a person cured by chemotherapy come back after say five to ten years is considered an aberration from the general success of the treatment.

Alternative cures for cancer


 Non-patented alternates to cancer like herbs, minerals, enemas, oils can be of immense help to cure the cancer maladies. These cures have a holistic effect on the body of the patient and therapists have seen a gradual but definite progress in draining the poisonous cells away from the body of patients. Some special dietary patterns like ketogenic are also said to be alternative cure for cancer.

Pancreatic enzyme therapy, Peskin protocol, Gerson Diet, Laetrile and Amygdalin treatment, Essiac therapy, Sodium bi-carbonate therapy, Hoxey Therapy, Vitamin-D therapy, Medical cannabis, and dental revision are some of the alternate therapies and curative practices that have not received due attention.

Kelly treatment

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Kelly treatment, developed by Dr. William Kelly, is one such therapy that has unfortunately been struggling to find recognition as a cure for cancer. It is nutrition and enzyme based protocol that first appeared for review in 1981. Dr. Nicholas Gonzales perusing his medical degree at Cornell Medical College examined the medical records of 1000 cancer patients and found that the treatment administered by Mt Kerry to his patients had shown promising results.

Many of the patients he cured with his treatment were in advance stage of cancer. The protocol developed by Dr. Kerry requires a strict dietary regime and daily detoxification procedures, along with the administration enzymes in high dozes into the body of the patient.

The alternative therapies like Kerry Enzyme protocol need to be further researched to develop new, cheaper and more effective alternates to radiation and chemotherapy that exist today.

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