6 Effective Ways to use Vine to promote your Wellness Business

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Heard of Vine? Considered as one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach target customers today, Vine has become a potential marketing tool for businesses worldwide. It is basically a video sharing app that uses a combination of photos, videos and sounds to put a message across to the viewer. In short, it is a combination of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube served on the same platter. The mobile app by Twitter may be easily what your wellness business needs to experience growth.

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There is no reason why your wellness business should not accept the new ways of Digital Marketing. Tools like Vine are awesome, and here are 6 ways you can use them for promoting your business.

  1. Reveal yourself

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Customers are no longer impressed by automated calls and answering machines. Everyone loves to see who’s responsible for what. So don’t hide behind computerized voices and automated responses. Add a human element to your wellness  promotional videos by showing your face. You will connect with wellness travelers better this way.

  1. Display your supporters

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Everyone loves to have his/her share of the spotlight. An easy way to let this happen, as well as use it to promote your wellness business is to let your existing customers talk about their experiences with your company. You can ask them to attach these videos to your video hashtag list, allowing new customers to have a view of what others are talking about your wellness business, thus promoting the latter effectively.

  1. Highlight your services

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Twitter vine is one of the best ways to get your wellness services noticed by customers. So make sure to utilize your six seconds well enough to cover your services from all angles and functions. A brief explanation of how things work at your company as well as your unique featureswill also be an added plus.

  1. Set up a virtual tour

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Although six seconds may not be enough, you may consider it apt enough to highlight the most important services of your wellness business. A quick video tour will allow your customers to gain an insight into your company, its services and its benefits. This will leave a lasting impression in the minds of existing as well as new wellness customers.

  1. Highlight occasions and milestones

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Everyone loves some form of celebration or the other. Promote your wellness brand better by acknowledging milestones with a celebratory video. Promote upcoming occasions and events with creative videos that will highlight your accomplishments and your road ahead. You can also choose to attach personal success stories and other inspirational stories in lieu with your business goals in order to capture more attention.

  1. Don’t forget social media

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Social media plays a vital role in boosting a business’s name and brand value in today’s world. With over half of the world’s population hooked onto social media sites these days, it would only be wise for you to use the medium to promote your wellness brand. You can integrate social media into your Vine video with the help of social buttons. These buttons enable your video to be shared across different platforms via Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. In doing so, they will increase interaction with customers as well as increase your customer base.

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In the age of SEO and its influence on individuals worldwide, having these social media actions on your Vine video would help your wellness business reach far and wide in terms of publicity and promotions.

Thinking of how to take your wellness business to the next level via enhanced promotions that would reach as well as engage your audience? Twitter Vine offers a great way to incorporate messages, audios and videos into short clips that would help your wellness business connect with customers better.

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