Tips for practicing yoga at low cost

practicing yoga at low cost

You want to stay fit and find yoga beneficial, but don’t want to spend a large amount? No problem, you can follow these tips and can benefit from yoga without spending a bomb. There are various ways to work around the cost.

Look out for free yoga classes 

Free yoga classes are often available at community centres, public parks etc. Some private studios too offer free yoga classes or at discounted rates during off-peak hours. You can join them. Many studios offer various packages such as monthly plans, punch passes purchased in a bulk at discounted rates. Do your calculations and take the offer that best suits your lifestyle. If you will attend the classes regularly, it is a better idea to go for monthly scheme, but if you have erratic schedule and may not attend the classes regularly, opt for pay as you go scheme.

Rent the accessories

For practising yoga, you do not need equipments. A good and comfortable dress that allows you to take various poses comfortably and a good quality yoga mat is all that you need. Some studios offer mats on rent. Initially you can try them. When you have decided that you want to go forward with yoga, you can buy your own mat. Instead of going to yoga specialty shops, you can look for these mats at retailers that offer them on discounts.

Practice yoga at home

There are numerous benefits of practicing yoga at home. You can practice at time convenient to you. It also helps in mitigating the stress of going to the studio and helps you in releasing any self-consciousness you might have. You can practice at your own speed, and focus on exercises that benefit you more. It saves your time apart from saving your money. However, if you decide to practice at home you should stick to a schedule as you would in any class. You can buy a yoga CD/DVD for guidance. Many videos and tutorials are available online too.

Subscribe Journals, DVDs

If you want to make yoga a part of your routine, you should subscribe for yoga related journals and magazines. They give you an insight into the practice and lifestyle that will help you understand your body and posture better.

You should attend a few classes to understand how to take various poses, how to breathe, and what precautions to take. Instructor will be able to adjust the poses according to your body type. Once you have understood and got the hang of things, you can start practicing at home without worrying for cost.

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