Therapeutic baths are quite popular these days because of their multifold health benefits. Dead Sea salt bath is considered one of the most beneficial types of therapeutic baths that can help in nourishing the skin […]


With the growing changes in our busy lifestyle, many of us want to escape from the chaos of the real world to a secluded world of peace at least for a few hours. To this

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Wellness tourism is world’s fastest growing industry with innumerable benefits that makes it one of the most prominent forms of tourism worldwide. Apart from other benefits, it also encourages the preservation of natural resources and

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Naturopathy is a system of medicine that uses natural techniques to treat the patient and recognizes that the mental, physical and emotional states of the patient must all be treated for the lasting effect. A

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Practicing yoga regularly is a great way of keeping the body fit and healthy. The benefits of yoga are galore and it can help you mentally, physically and spiritually. This is an overall workout both


The reputation of wellness holidays and spa stays is growing and increasing radically in tourism sector. The term ‘spa’ comes from the Latin idiom, Salus per Aquam, which means to use remedial power of water

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Paraffin wax has been known to be useful in many conditions that relieve local discomfort. Paraffin therapy is simple, non invasive and effective mode of alternative healing therapy and is popularly practiced all over the

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Sand tray therapy is the use of sand play and miniatures to move in the sand in a way directed by the player to create a world of their own. This is believed to help

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Scientists are now acknowledging the Yogi belief as a group of Yoga scientists from Harvard prove the benefits of meditation for beating stress and staying healthy. Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Denninger led this 5-year

Meditation helps beat stress

There are various heat treatments used, wherein the heat is applied to the body part that is injured or inflamed and painful. It helps to provide relief against pain, minimize the local congestion, improve the

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